Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Business Research Method Research Proposal Reflective Journal

Question: Discuss about the Business Research Method Research Proposal forReflective Journal. Answer: Introduction During the tenure of the task, I found that this particular task is really helpful in expanding my knowledge in the particular subject domain and application of the same in the practical life. This reflective journal would explore my personal progression through the various learning goals, while undergoing through assessment 1 and assessment 2 of the course module. The scope of this reflective journal includes that it would focus on the critical analysis of my own learning process and while preparing the content for both the assessments. Any additional analysis other than the chosen research topic is outside the scope of this reflective journal. Reflective Analysis I have improved my knowledge during this tenure of this course (12 week teaching duration) and I have successfully applied the concepts while writing this assessment. During the first week, I have gone through the in-depth analysis of the subject related concepts related to the assignment. I have done in-depth internet research and I have strived to gain varied knowledge regarding the topics that would help me in making the assignment. During the second week, I have found out that the topic on social media analysis is an interesting one. I have learnt that there are both positive as well as negative aspects of the social media network, which motivated me to do this assignment. During the third week, I have studied the different scholarly resources and started preparing the literature review section. I have enumerated the scope and the objective of the literature review by carefully selecting the attributes. During the fourth week, I have done a comparative analysis of the literature from various sources. I have collected the opinions from various authors and compared the underlying concepts. During the fifth week, I have successfully identified the potential gaps in the literature concerning the topic. I have found that there are several gaps in the identified literature, which should be expressed openly. This is the reason I have acknowledged the potential gaps in the paper, which can be addressed in the future research. During the sixth week, I have commenced doing the second assessment, which is based on the research proposal. After careful analysis of the literature review, I chose one gap in the literature, which I decided to discuss in the proposal. I found that it is important to discuss about the security breaches of the social media networks that should be discussed. During the seventh week, I commenced on the introduction of the research proposal and jotted down the justification for choosing the specific topic. I have also jotted down the objectives of the project. I also engaged in the careful analysis of the research topic and written down questions that would help me in understanding the rationale of the study. I have also used the process of objective formation which I learnt during the course module. During the eight week, I have engaged in formulating suitable research questions which would help me to satisfy the research objectives. I have made different questions for different kinds of research such as primary as well as secondary. During the ninth week, I have made suitable justifications for the research questions that I have formulated. I have carefully selected the questions based on rationality and thus I tried to have a good picture of the goals that my questions would probably fulfill. I have also concentrated on the probable work outcomes, which I have learnt from my lecturer. I have performed brief literature review on the research topic which helped me to understand the background information. During the tenth week, I have commenced making the research methodology, in which I have tried to concentrate on the feasibility of the study. I have read that there are different ways of conducting research such as questionnaires and interviews. I have implemented tools to make the technique of the research. I have also understood that a sample size of 60 would be appropriate for doing the project and able to collect data from the participants. During the eleventh week, I have fixed the sampling approach which would be undertaken by this research. I have concentrated on the simple random sampling that I have learnt in my course module. I have performed this research on online and offline sources. I have also done the data collection process and I have used primary and secondary modes. I have learnt about these data collection methods in theory and now I have applied them to practice by actually including them in the data collection. During the twelfth week, I have focused on the data analysis part of the research. I am familiar with Excel and hence I have used MS-Excel for analyzing the data. I have also thought about the limitations that are associated with the project. I have aimed to explore the overall achievement of the research objectives and I have tried to relate the data analysis with the research objectives. Conclusion This assessment has immensely helped me to apply my theoretical concepts in practice. It is vital to apply gained knowledge in practical sense. This reflective assessment helped me to effectively address the different issues of literature review and prepare business research proposal based on the gaps in the literature. This assignment has made me confident individual since I have used wide variety of terms and concepts. I am sure that I would be successful in applying my skills in my future projects.

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