Sunday, February 23, 2020

Formal Letter to the legislative representative Essay

Formal Letter to the legislative representative - Essay Example An earlier proposed bill in California also supported this bill and had a similar agenda to this bill. Following the rising reports published by the American Psychological Association, which determined that minors were accessing conversion therapies in the State of California, Senator Ted W. Lieu drafted a bill that sought to ban the therapies owing to their severe side effects on minors. Several facilities in the country offer such to adults who willingly seek the services. The service providers thus explain the potential ramifications of changing one’s sexuality. Studies proved that the sexual orientation efforts often had negative effects on children. Such effects included confusion, depression and substance abuse at some levels. Therefore owing to the adverse effects that are associated with the sexual conversion therapies that are currently targeting the minors, we proposed the bill that seeks to have proper guidance in the policies ascribed to in the practices. As indica ted in our proposed bill, the main aims of the bill is to have sanity restored in the medical and legal system concerning protection of the rights of the minors while upholding ethical practices within the society. Children have always been the major target of sexual abuses over ages with children being assaulted owing to their vulnerability. Despite the great psychological as well as physical suffering that children suffer, undergo through due to sexual exploitation, the orientation therapies have increased to this suffering in targeting the minors more. The practices are not only exploitative but also unethical and hence needs to be opposed with all seriousness possible. It was in the position that the bill was drafted in order to have a voice against such vices in the society. Among other recommendations of the bill were the serious disciplinary and corrective measures to be enforced towards such perpetrators who are guilty of breaking the law when the bill is enacted.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Health Economics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Health Economics - Essay Example For Getzen, some HMOs may be undertaking risk selection by only accepting healthy patients in order for them to create optimum profit. Some of them find it advantageous on their part to reduce services or quality of care once there would be implementation of easy savings from discounting and substitution. In other words, HMOs have always to mean business and this leads them to expect to experience favorable or adverse selection. Considering the number of commercial employees, especially in large companies, there might be great savings on both the demand and supply sides due to substantial numbers in a group, and the risk selection process might not be that tough on the part of HMOs to ward off loss and optimize profitability. This is due to the fact that working individuals in various large companies are on a regular basis had to ensure their health safety to optimize their productivity. As a result, the commercial employee benefit market in states with large number of immigrants and service-based economy may have higher percentage of insured individuals compared to those in states with strong unionized industrial and manufacturing base (Kovner & Knickman, 2011, p.33). As a result, Kovner and Knickman added 80 percent of uninsured are in families with either full or part-time workers in small businesses. This would particularly increase HMOs magnitude of selection bias in this type of commercial employee benefit market, as they would also consider the profit they could create. On the other hand, there would be more profit for HMOs if less medical care is provided (Holcombe, 1995, p.136). Considering the need for medical services in the US is an upward spiral especially for low-income population (Andersen, Rice & Kominski, 2007, p.22), the medical market on the part of HMOs should have wider scope of risk selection process and even bias at some point just to ensure profitability will not be set aside. 2. What incentives