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Health and Wellness in the Workplace Essay

Theory Statement: Health and Wellness programs in a working environment can profit representatives by helping them deal with their physical and enthusiastic wellbeing, diminish pressure and give a prize framework program in the working environment. I. Presentation. II. Give Nutrition Programs A. Oversee representatives physical and passionate wellbeing 1. Give various courses to oversee distinctive medical problems. 2. Make a program that accommodates your representatives worries in the workplace. III. Advances employee’s flawless participation A. Forestall employee’s non-appearance 1. By giving irregular health check 2. Prize representatives for ideal participation in the health programs IV. Lessen Stress in Workplace A. Give breaks to assist representatives with lessening pressure 1. Start a gathering during 15 minutes break to walk 2. Give a back rub advisor once like clockwork to give 15 minutes back rubs to alleviation stress. 3. Give a pressure the executives workshop for nourishment and excerising. V. Prize System in the work environment to achieve Goals A. Give a prize program to get in shape and remain soundly 1. An emotionally supportive network for workers by offering additional days off for doing the projects. 2. Make a reward program for workers for arriving at wellbeing objectives. VI. End. Assets By: Alden, Sharyn, Regroup, Recharge, Credit Union Magazine, Jul 2007, Vol. 73 Issue 7, p 30-35, 6p; Abstract By: Bulk Tran Sporter, Tax credits proposed for worker wellbeing, Nov. 2007, Vol. 70, Issue 5, p12-12, 1/2p; Abstract By: Shepherd, Leah Carlson, More an ideal opportunity to smell the†¦

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The Symbol Of Blood In Macbeth Essays - Characters In Macbeth

The Symbol of Blood in Macbeth Blood is known to us all to speak to life, demise and regularly injury. Blood is a fundamental piece of life, and without blood, we couldn't live. This is known to everybody, and along these lines, at the point when Shakespeare utilizes the image of blood to speak to treachery, murder and passing, it is effortlessly comprehended and fits in splendidly with the thoughts we have of blood. Blood is referenced frequently in the play and most occasions in reference to murder or injustice. The principal vile reference to blood is in Act 2, Scene 1, when Macbeth sees the blade drifting noticeable all around driving him to Duncan's room and he sees on the edge and dudgeon gouts of blood, showing that the blade has been visciously and viciously wounded into somebody. The following reference, in Scene 2, is at the point when Lady Macbeth spreads the blood from the knife on the appearances what's more, hands of the resting workers I'll society the essences of the grooms withal, for it must appear their blame. This is another vile and underhanded reference to blood, setting up the honest workers of the lord. Once more, blood is alluded to when Malcolm and Donaldbain are talking about what to do and Malcolm says : there's knifes in men's grins: the closer in blood, the closer ridiculous. Implying that their nearest family members are probably going to murder them. Once more, blood is being utilized to portray conspiracy, murder and passing. In Act 5, Scene 1 - the sleepwalking scene, while Lady Macbeth is sleepwalking, there are consistent references to the malevolent deeds that Macbeth and herslef have submitted, a large portion of which incorporate references to blood. She makes a cursory effort of washing her hands saying Out accursed spot! Out, I state concerning the blood that recolored her hands subsequent to spreading it everywhere throughout the hirelings. She likewise alludes to Duncan's homicide saying : Yet who would have thought the elderly person to have such a great amount of blood in him!. All these references are to kill and both incorporate direct references to blood, again connecting blood to unfairness and murder. I believe that all through the play, Shakespeare successfully passes on subject of death, murder and injustice through the image of blood. Ordinarily, the word blood makes us consider injury and demise, being a basic piece of life, and the image of blood being utilized in the play is comprehended by the crowd as being fundamental to life, and in the setting it is utilized, it is an ideal allegory for death and murder. I imagine that it is a powerful image and is utilized well.

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Business Paper Essay - How to Use Business Paper Samples

Business Paper Essay - How to Use Business Paper SamplesAre you using samples of business essay writing to help you write your own essay? Do you really believe that this is a great idea? Does writing your own business essay to help you in your career?Writing business essays is not a very easy task. It may seem that it is simple enough, but you need to have good words and logical sentences. Without the right kind of letters, your ideas are just going to be uninteresting. You will end up rewriting a lot of times, which will result in you spending more money on doing research.Instead of just wasting your time and effort on rewriting your business paper samples, why don't you use them as a guide for writing your own essay? This way, you can put your own personality into your essay. Remember, these samples were already created by people who were able to write their own papers.Writing an essay is not all about writing. It is about applying logic to the subject matter and be precise in what you write. If you had your business essay samples from someone who has already written one, you can be sure that you are going to find out more about the topic that you are writing about.If you are thinking about getting some free business paper samples, you may be concerned about how you are going to apply the information to the subject matter. A sample essay is very useful because it allows you to work on your grammar and spelling. It also helps you decide on what would be the best type of sentence structure to use.Your essay is not necessarily going to be similar to others in the course. What's important is that you apply the information that you have learned from your samples. If you try to write about a subject that you have researched and studied yourself, you will be bound to get better at it as you go along.Business paper samples are also ideal when you are looking for samples of business essay writing. You can get ideas from these business papers, which may inspire you to create better articles. Of course, there are lots of things that you can do with the samples of business essay, so do not think that they are just there to sit there on your computer screen.So, if you are looking for samples of business essay writing, then go ahead and find some business paper samples. I am sure that this will be a great resource to help you on your career. If you want to write your own business paper, then you have to start learning from someone who has already written one.

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Social Media s Impact On Communication - 1456 Words

Communication has been permanently changed by social media. A wide conceptual definition of social media, as cited in Ressler Glazer (2010), is â€Å"The online and mobile accessible services that enable individuals to connect, collaborate, and share with others in real time.† Social media has an obvious influence on informal communication style and represents both possibility and liability for healthcare institutions. As cited in Bernhardt, Alber, Gold (2014), â€Å"Social media provide healthcare professionals with tools to share information, to debate health care policy and practice issues, to promote health behaviors, to engage with the public, and to educate and interact with patients, caregivers, students, and colleagues.† It also presents challenges, including risks to information accuracy, organizational reputation, and individual privacy. Social media can be a very helpful in communicating among nurses and other healthcare providers while creating professiona l connections, and sharing experiences, but guidelines for appropriate use by healthcare providers are essential. Whether or not certain healthcare organization decides to use social media as a communications tool - social media policy still need to be implemented. Policies help establish an organization s rules and expectations around social media. The policy priority issue centers of attention on sharing too much information on social media platforms. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs are beingShow MoreRelatedSocial Media And Its Impact On Society Essay1560 Words   |  7 Pageshigh, society has become more and more dependent on social media. One must realize, while the use of social media in today’s society is a necessity due to the fast-paced environment that has been created, it can never fully replace the value received from personal interaction with others. The short film titled, The Library Book, perfectly illustrates this as the characters within the film learn to assimilate in a society dominated by social media. The actions of each character and their surroundingsRead MoreSocial Networks Or Virtual Communities?1181 Words   |  5 PagesSocial Networks or Virtual Communities? Unlike film, social media is built on interaction. So, how can we describe the digital environment in relation to multiculturalism? When asked about virtual culture, Stephanie was unclear as to what it entailed (S. Jean, personal communication, April 5, 2017). Scholars suggest the digital sphere may create a â€Å"third culture,† incorporating traits of culturally diverse users (McEwan Sobrà ©-Denton, 2011, p. 253). This amalgamation reduces barriers to communicationRead MoreImpact Of Technology On Our World909 Words   |  4 PagesThe impact of technology has undoubtedly shaped the way we live in today’s world. This impact has made life much easier and convenient in every aspect of our everyday lives. However, when technology is broken down to different types and purposes, that is when we begin to recognize is certain technology actually moving the human race forward or backwards? One highly debated and arguably the most popular type of technology, is social media. Social media has negatively impacted our world to the pointRead MoreAbstract. Social Media Has Fundamentally Changed The Consumer1020 Words   |  5 Pages Abstract Social media has fundamentally changed the consumer decision process; many small businesses have had to alter their operational strategies to adapt to modern times. Due to the popularity of social media, businesses must make their brands more personal, market their products differently and communicate with customers in innovative ways (McMullen, 2017). This scope of this study consists of analyzing social media trends in the retail industry and the impact it has on the overall businessRead MoreSocial Media And Its Effect On Communication1269 Words   |  6 PagesSocial media and social networking seems to be play an imperative part in individuals lives around the world. Not only is it part of your everyday life, but it is also about of the workforce world as well. Many can debate whether social media is crippling or in fact improving our communication skills. Perhaps sitting behind a computer communicating with our family and friends seems to be getting easier. However, what happen to the days where one would have to pick up the phone and reach out to theirRead MoreHow Social Media Usage Is Affecting Relationship1540 Words   |  7 PagesHow Social Media Usage is Affecting Relationship Introduction Social media popularity grew so did the population of people increases every day due to knowing social networking sites. Today generations and their culture now dependent on social networking sites that s doesn t count as face-to-face communication. Prior to today s technology, people developed their relationships from face-to-face communication. Face-to-face communication allows a people to respond in conversation by utilizing verbalRead MoreThe Impact Of Social Media On Contemporary Business Communication1409 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"The impact of social media on contemporary business communication.† First at all we need to understand the Social media is the collective of an online Communication of Channels of dedicated to community- based system inputs, interagency, content-sharing and collaboration. The websites and the Applications of dedicated to Create a forum, a microblogging, social networking, the social bookmarking, and wikis are Among the different types of social media. Secondly, we need to know how business communicationRead MoreSocial Media and Its Impact on Social Behavior1455 Words   |  6 PagesSocial Media and its Impact on Social Behavior Social Media and its Impact on Social Behavior Introduction Social media has drastically changed how people communicate. How many people remember how it feels to hear the phone ring in the house or receive a letter in the mail? Today’s youth know nothing other than text messages, tweets, and Facebook. Social media and the social entertaining websites of today have affected social behavior in many ways. While there are many advantages to this technologicalRead MoreThe Impact Of Social Media On Employee Performance1421 Words   |  6 Pagesoutlines the impact social media has had on business and management communication. Social media has changed so much for the world; it has connected people from all over with the click of a button. Even though social media has been a game-changer for many businesses and a vital tool for communication, it has brought along of negative outcomes. The articles I have researched demonstrate both pros and cons for the use of social media in the work and give supporting facts from their standpoint. Social med iaRead MoreSocial Issues Around The Globe1642 Words   |  7 PagesAnywhere around the globe, there are several of social issues, every one of them is unique and disappoints the society in their own specific way. Once in a while, social issues aren t taken in consideration, particularly the ones that influence the media, for instance movies, magazines, music, TV shows and the web, on ladies self-perception. There is a lot of shame that compares with young teenage ladies and their socially accepted body. So this new pattern or what not, the current unreasonable

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An Analytical Environment On My Accounting And Supply...

OBJECTIVE: To continue my career in an analytical environment utilizing my Accounting and Supply Chain Management degrees. Over 18 years of experience in Financial Auditing, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Rutgers, University Procurement Service, Piscataway, NJ Supply Chain Project Data Analyst and Accounts Payables May 2016 – current Supply Chain Project Data Analysis of the day to day accounting activities. Reporting trends, costs and deliverables to the Director of Procurement and Accounting Manager AP. Managed 6 associates providing support in an Oracle ERP conversion project. Coordinated and reconciled the daily transactions between the IT, AP, AR and Purchasing Departments. Rutgers has†¦show more content†¦Communicates the activity to the finance team and IT departments to troubleshoot technical issues that arise from day to day activities. Essex County College, Newark, NJ Accounting, Intermediate Accounting and Spanish Tutor, for 100 students Sep 2013 – May 2016 †¢ Improved standardized test scores by 17% utilizing tailored educational plans †¢ Tutored and mentored students in a team environment to obtain an understanding of curriculum concepts †¢ Mentors students with learning disabilities. Sixth Avenue Electronic City LLC, Springfield, NJ Is a multimillion dollar Electronic Retailer, On Line Retailer and Service Center selling from 19 locations in the New Jersey, Delaware, New York and Pennsylvania Market. Responsible for the day to day activities and the reconciliation of financial data collection activities Promoted to Financial Auditor Assistant reporting directly toShow MoreRelatedCompeting On Analytics : The New Science Of Winning Essay2059 Words   |  9 PagesCompeting on Analytics In today’s environment, it is extremely difficult to use former strategies that have worked in the past for the reason that they are no longer feasible or likely to succeed. It can be assumed that in today’s competitive environment, few companies have breakthrough products or services. For this reason, most of the competitive strategies companies are using today involve improving key business processes for which data analytics comes into play. The first five chapters of CompetingRead MoreA Research on Inventory Management1927 Words   |  8 PagesInventory management is a topic that has been captured the attention of academic and business communities for long time. Of the most important points that investigated by academicians and practitioners for decades is the selecting of the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ). As the name suggests, EOQ is the order quantity that minimizes total inventory cost. Despite the many variants of the EOQ that have appeared in the literature to fine tune it to reality, it still has limitations. A major one is thatRead MoreHahahah2845 Words   |  12 Pagescompany now has a single way to record production data. * ERP allows management to manage operations, not just monitor them. For example, without ERP, getting an answer to â€Å"How are we doing?† requires getting data from each business unit and then analyzing that data for a comprehensive, integrated picture. The ERP system already has all the data allowing the manager to focus on improving processes. This focus enhances management of the company as a whole, and makes the organization more adaptableRead MoreStrategic Analysis Tools3971 Words   |  16 PagesOur information specialists and accounting specialists work closely together to identify or create authoritative resources to help members resolve their work related information needs. Additionally, our accounting specialists can help CIMA members and students with the interpretation of guidance on financial reporting, financial management and performance management, as defined in the CIMA Official Terminology 2005 edition. CIMA members and students should sign into My CIM A to access these servicesRead MoreInformation Technology2051 Words   |  9 PagesQuestion 1: From an analytical prospective, explain how information systems relate to the way Zara runs its business. What types of systems are the most essential for this company in its current environment? In this new era of globalization, the using of technology has been very common and can be conclude as part of human’s life. In order to survive in today’s challenging business world, every organization has to be confronted with highly competitive pressure to bring out more effectiveness andRead MoreDevry Busn 369 Entire Course and All Discussions- 2015 Spring2188 Words   |  9 Pagesexample of a direct quote of an exchange rate. week 3 Global Business Considerations Name the four primary elements of culture and describe why they are important when marketing products and services internationally. The Legal and Political Environment of Global Business Criminal laws vary extensively throughout the world. What may be a crime in one country may represent permissible conduct in another location. Why are there vast global differences? week 4 Ethics in Global Business WhyRead MoreThe Position Of Accountant Recent Graduate Program1498 Words   |  6 Pagesof GS-07. I have a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with concentrations in Finance, Public Policy, and Supply Chain Management, from Rutgers Business School. I also have an Accounting degree, and a Military Sciences degree, and several years of experience. I would be honor to work for the Direct Investment Division (DID), and In fact I am actively looking for positions that match my education, and experience more accurately at this government branch. Further, I believe that based on the educationRead MoreReview Past Education : Why School And Major Chosen, Grades, Future Education Plans?1842 Words   |  8 PagesStudies in Human Resource Management and Development. GPA 3.97. I decided to major in Human Resources because as a Retail Store Manager, and as a Trainer at Allstate Insurance Company, I wanted to learn more about employee relations, training, and gain insight into how to add va lue to my employer s organization through change leadership knowledge. I selected the University of Denver because their HR program is excellent and focused on strategic planning, change management, financial planning, andRead MoreThe Supply Chain Management Of Apple Essay3352 Words   |  14 PagesThe Supply Chain Management of Apple Operations Management DSCI 304 Dr. Marvin Gonzalez Steven Contursi Table of Contents 1) Introduction Executive Summary Personal Interest Background of the Company 2) Supply Chain Management What is SCM? Apple’s Supply Chain Management Apple’s Green Supply Chain Management 3) Analysis What Makes Apple a Global Leader in SCM? Can Apple Improve Its SCM? 4) Conclusion Executive Summary This project has been prepared on behalf of Marvin Gonzalez’s OperationsRead MoreProject on Wipro13311 Words   |  54 PagesNo.:9311 Batch No. –BBA 3rd Semester (2nd Shift) Maharaja Agrasen Institute Of Management Studies Affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi. PSP Area, Plot No. 1, Sector-22, Rohini, Delhi-110086 SELF DECLARATION I, BHUWAN GUPTA, student of BBA, Maharaja Agrasen Institute Of Management Studies (MAIMS) Hereby declare that the project entitled â€Å"Services Offered By Wipro Ltd.† Is the result of my own efforts in collecting and gathering information based on the above mentioned

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Is New Technology Development A Blessing Or A Burden

John Wang Mr. Berls English 3 16 March 2015 Is New Technology Development a Blessing or a Burden? New technology is developing around us every day. This new technology includes the computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, internet, robotics, artificial heart, prostheses, hybrid automobile, express trains and the like. Evidence of this new technology includes family entertainment systems, communication applications, learning applications used in school, banking tools, investment resources, and industrial competition, including group problem-solving. Our new technology is very omnipresent. These developments have proven important and necessary in our lives. Some people think that this new technology development is good; as it can benefit many people by making their lives easier and better. However, other people think this new technology is bad, because it has proven to be a burden, rather than a benefit, for those who choose to use it. Indeed, research shows that new technology has become so powerful, that we have come to strongly depend on it throughout our daily lives. Integrating technology into the curriculum and the classroom, for the purpose of instruction is essential, in order to help prepare students to succeed in our rapidly changing world. It is critical for learners, including teachers and administrators, to process and manage information through the skillful use of technology. Every student needs the ability to navigate through the information flow thatShow MoreRelatedThe Burden And Blessing Of Mortality1327 Words   |  6 Pageswrites in The Burden and Blessing of Mortality about the universal advantage of human mortality and the perceived burdens of it as well. Like Jonas, I will argue that mortality is a beneficial concept in the realm of external issues like preserving our earth’s resources, and internal issues like existential meaning and motivation. Diametrical opposition to this idea from a logical standpoint is quite limited. Of the people who find it necessary to invent and practice technologies that help usRead MoreSchool Management Issues1507 Words   |  7 Pagesproficiency in the field we are in. The better skilled we are, the higher the rank. Technology is undeniably a part of the organization. It is important and a necessity for most organizations nowadays. The lack of know-how in technological proficiency is one of the crucial issues in the system organization. Older teachers in schools lack in technological skills. They are afraid of using technology and relying on their manual capability instead. Some of the teachers don’t even know how toRead MoreWhat Does Economist Say About Export Oriented Economy? Essay901 Words   |  4 Pagesmajor reason for reduced demand 2012 – 2.29% - European demand further affects country’s GDP growth 2013 – 2.90% - Interest rate cut of 0.25% encouraged in domestic demand takes off a little burden from export 2014 – 3.31% - Further cut of 0.25% according to economist Chang Jae Chul ( would ease negative impact from outbreak of MERS and prevent consumer sentiment and production from freezingRead MoreArranged Marriage vs Love Marriage1619 Words   |  7 PagesFurthermore, I am experiencing the same way in my marriage. I was born in a family that prioritize the religion in life. So, I believed by obeying my religion and my parents option, my life after marriage will get blessing and happiness regards. Nowadays, with the social dynamic changes in technology and globalization, this may not be the best options for some people. Well, as we can see, by internet specifically in social website like Facebook, there are offering a large number in provides them to lookRead MoreAnalysis Of Riba ( Interest ) As A Cause Of Imbalance Society And Its Islamic Perspective Essay1363 Words   |  6 PagesRiba (Interest) as a cause of Imbalance Society and its Islamic Perspective Dr. Irfan Khalid Assistant Professor Department of Islamic Studies Federal Urdu University of Arts Science and Technology Islamabad, Pakistan Abstract: The prosperity and peace of a society much or less depends on its economy. While for the smooth running of both, there are several instructions in Islamic Shariah and allows what is right and forbids what is wrong. When we talk about financialRead MoreDiscrimination of Girls1678 Words   |  7 Pagesthe caste, creed, religion and social status, the overall status of a women is lower than men and therefore a male child is preferred over a female child. A male child is considered a blessing and his birth is celebrated as opposed to a female child where her birth is not celebrated and is considered more of a burden.[1] Therefore, [education] and health care of the female child in India is an important social indicator to measure equality between men and women. According to the 2001 Indian censusRead MoreThe Internet is a Blessing1523 Words   |  6 Pageswas one of the world’s first operational packet switching networks, the first network to implement TCP/IP and the progenitor of what was to become the global Internet (Kleinrock). The ARPANET served as the new era for many individuals as there was no longer a need to travel with the heavy burden of textbooks. Also, because the Internet is accessible to anyone, it is inexpensive and can be afforded by most. Not only is it used to research information and ideas, but it has also been proven to be a moreRead MoreThe Future of Books in Todays Society Essay1275 Words   |  6 Pagesother digital forms. The term E-book is a reduction of ‘Electronic Book’; it refers to a book length publication in a digital form that can be available through Internet also. This innovation is causing many to debate whether E-books are a burden or a blessing on society. The movement from the oral tradition to the printed words was one of the biggest advancements of all times, the question remains if the movement from printed words to E-books is as revolutionary. Books have been the storehousesRead MoreThe Grand Challenge Of Engineering On Nitrogen Cycle Essay2835 Words   |  12 Pagesethical. As stated in the code of ethics for engineering practice, it is of paramount importance to consider the environment, as well as public safety, health, and welfare when performing professional duties [1]. Since the pioneering advancement in technology entailed environmental crisis and affected public health, it cannot therefore be entirely considered ethical and is in need of a more profound understanding and creativity to address such issues. One of the many grand challenges of engineeringRead MoreWhy Some Country Rich but Others Poor2449 Words   |  10 Pagesbodies. Heat itself saps energy. Cold, is conducive to greater human productivity and therefore prosperity. However, the climate effect on the wealth of nations may be diminishing as the knowledge economy becomes more important, and as medical technology eradicates diseases. Singapore, with a hot, tropical climate, today has a higher per capita income than Britain. War and corruption cause poverty, as governments redirect resources from health care and education towards the war machine, or to

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Business Research Method Research Proposal Reflective Journal

Question: Discuss about the Business Research Method Research Proposal forReflective Journal. Answer: Introduction During the tenure of the task, I found that this particular task is really helpful in expanding my knowledge in the particular subject domain and application of the same in the practical life. This reflective journal would explore my personal progression through the various learning goals, while undergoing through assessment 1 and assessment 2 of the course module. The scope of this reflective journal includes that it would focus on the critical analysis of my own learning process and while preparing the content for both the assessments. Any additional analysis other than the chosen research topic is outside the scope of this reflective journal. Reflective Analysis I have improved my knowledge during this tenure of this course (12 week teaching duration) and I have successfully applied the concepts while writing this assessment. During the first week, I have gone through the in-depth analysis of the subject related concepts related to the assignment. I have done in-depth internet research and I have strived to gain varied knowledge regarding the topics that would help me in making the assignment. During the second week, I have found out that the topic on social media analysis is an interesting one. I have learnt that there are both positive as well as negative aspects of the social media network, which motivated me to do this assignment. During the third week, I have studied the different scholarly resources and started preparing the literature review section. I have enumerated the scope and the objective of the literature review by carefully selecting the attributes. During the fourth week, I have done a comparative analysis of the literature from various sources. I have collected the opinions from various authors and compared the underlying concepts. During the fifth week, I have successfully identified the potential gaps in the literature concerning the topic. I have found that there are several gaps in the identified literature, which should be expressed openly. This is the reason I have acknowledged the potential gaps in the paper, which can be addressed in the future research. During the sixth week, I have commenced doing the second assessment, which is based on the research proposal. After careful analysis of the literature review, I chose one gap in the literature, which I decided to discuss in the proposal. I found that it is important to discuss about the security breaches of the social media networks that should be discussed. During the seventh week, I commenced on the introduction of the research proposal and jotted down the justification for choosing the specific topic. I have also jotted down the objectives of the project. I also engaged in the careful analysis of the research topic and written down questions that would help me in understanding the rationale of the study. I have also used the process of objective formation which I learnt during the course module. During the eight week, I have engaged in formulating suitable research questions which would help me to satisfy the research objectives. I have made different questions for different kinds of research such as primary as well as secondary. During the ninth week, I have made suitable justifications for the research questions that I have formulated. I have carefully selected the questions based on rationality and thus I tried to have a good picture of the goals that my questions would probably fulfill. I have also concentrated on the probable work outcomes, which I have learnt from my lecturer. I have performed brief literature review on the research topic which helped me to understand the background information. During the tenth week, I have commenced making the research methodology, in which I have tried to concentrate on the feasibility of the study. I have read that there are different ways of conducting research such as questionnaires and interviews. I have implemented tools to make the technique of the research. I have also understood that a sample size of 60 would be appropriate for doing the project and able to collect data from the participants. During the eleventh week, I have fixed the sampling approach which would be undertaken by this research. I have concentrated on the simple random sampling that I have learnt in my course module. I have performed this research on online and offline sources. I have also done the data collection process and I have used primary and secondary modes. I have learnt about these data collection methods in theory and now I have applied them to practice by actually including them in the data collection. During the twelfth week, I have focused on the data analysis part of the research. I am familiar with Excel and hence I have used MS-Excel for analyzing the data. I have also thought about the limitations that are associated with the project. I have aimed to explore the overall achievement of the research objectives and I have tried to relate the data analysis with the research objectives. Conclusion This assessment has immensely helped me to apply my theoretical concepts in practice. It is vital to apply gained knowledge in practical sense. This reflective assessment helped me to effectively address the different issues of literature review and prepare business research proposal based on the gaps in the literature. This assignment has made me confident individual since I have used wide variety of terms and concepts. I am sure that I would be successful in applying my skills in my future projects.