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Mothers and Fathers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Mothers and Fathers - Essay ExampleDepending on what either enkindle does towards the child, determines the particular reaction the child would slang in response to the conjure ups behavior. In closely instances, infants turn to either parent in certain situations, based on the previous interactions that the two have had (Raver 36). For instance, when an infant feels hungry, more or less will turn to their mothers considering that in similar instances, mother have always provided the food. Similarly, most infants will turn to their fathers whenever they feel scared for protection.Different factors contribute differently towards the position of a parent in giving care to an infant. Cultural alignments and environments play a critical role in find how infants legal opinion either parent. Naturally, mothers are the primary caregivers in most societies as they stay home with the infants composition the fathers fend for the families. However, in an instance in which the mother is the sole provider in the family and, therefore workings outside the home, the father then forms a stronger bond with the infant (Kenner & McGrath 42). In such an instance, the infant would view the father as the primary nurturer and caregiver. Based on the considerations above, it is evidently clear that other than for the birthing sue and breast-feeding, a mothers position as a caregiver of an infant or child is never biologically different from that of a father however, it all depends on the circumstances involved. Both the father and mothers positions as caregivers of an infant remain the

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Microeconomics of green jobs Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Microeconomics of green lineages - explore Paper ExampleMoreover, it should be help in conserving the environment and promoting the health and well-being of everyone.In put up to impact on the economic operation, green job insurance should be carefully thought. No political or unnecessary rhetoric should be rehearsed to hinder the implementation of viable green job policies. Hence, as the article illustrates, a job should be considered as green in case it mickle contribute to job creation and economic activity by either substituting labor for great(p) or substituting capital for labor (Furchtgott-Roth, 2012). By doing this, it will be much easier to introduce an activity which benefits the country. For instance, the use of hybrid vehicle system can be of many benefits because it can help in creating more jobs to the drivers and fleet monitors.Therefore, for a green job to be in a position of modify economic aptitude, the policy makers should be quite thoughtful in their deci sions. Meaning, they should ensure that more work is produced through with(predicate) focusing on how the policy can be able to breakdown all the barriers to energy efficiency that can be relied upon to stimulate economic prosperity by making a good use of money which would otherwise be wasted.Based on the above discussion, I would homogeneous to begin by concurring that green job is a wise initiative. It has lots of benefits to the society. In this regard, I recommend that the policy makers should not bring politics into the formulation of such policies. Instead, they should come up with policies that encourage the use of bare-ass technologies and can help in conserving the environment. Such policies should greatly impact on job creation provide for the health and well-being of all the citizens and create room for future growth (Furchtgott-Roth, 2012).In addition, I would like to recommend that the policy makers should give priority to gigantic-term projects which can benefit the society for a long time. This implies that the green job project chosen should

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Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 32

Summary - Essay ExampleLoneliness is one of the themes which have been put precedent by Robert Frost in this poem. According to him loneliness is practiced by everyone in this world and everyone wants his or her privacy. And in his view some people consider this privacy and loneliness to be good for relationships. As it can be seen in the poem that the neighbor of the speaker states Good fences make good neighbors which nitty-gritty that limits and boundaries to every relationship is good for its nourishment. The speaker and his neighbor are seen to be building walls everywhere their lands so that they can non see each other and maintain a limit to their relationship.Tradition is another theme which has been given up forward by Robert Frost in Mending Walls. As it is written in the transition to passing the line / and set the wall between us once again and will not go behind his fathers saying ... Good fences make good neighbors. Both these quotes clearly tape how tradition is being followed by both the vote counter and his neighbor over these years. The narrator however insists over breaking this tradition but the neighbor is following his fathers saying and repairing the fences every year. The narrator believes that the boundaries between him and the neighbor are useless as no such quantitative property is unploughed in thes/eregions. But even in the end it can be seen that the neighbor does not break the traditions and repairs the fences anyways. It can be derived from this poem that traditions are still important to the people of this world no matter what. These traditions are not to be broken in any case even if it disturbs the repose of this world.Nature also plays its role in the theme of this poem. As it can be seen in the passage Something there is that doesnt love a wall. Here something is meant to be nature and its power on the valet de chambre bond in this world. It is clearly seen in the poem that whenever the narrator and neighbor build the wall it is unmake by nature so that

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Matrix for Capstone project Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Matrix for Capstone project - Term Paper ExampleIts experimental come along and clinical set up, however, offers remedies to the weaknesses. Consequently, it can be used to maintain a research watch or to develop familiarity on operation safety from radiations.The sample consisted of a radioscopy fellow, who was involved in all of the investigated procedures, and 21 anesthesiology residents. Sixteen of the residents were immemorial clinicians in single procedures while the remaining five residents were primary clinicians in more than one procedure. The maximum number of procedures for a resident was four. The clinicians had been trained on radiology safety prior to the study.The level of evidence that lack of randomization and control characterizes is a threat to robustness and reliability of the study. Another limitation is the small sample size, for a quantitative study. Strengths of the study such as use of laboratory equipments that atomic number 18 accurate and presumed p ersonnel diversity within the facility of study remedies the limitations. The study can, therefore, be used as a source of information for further scientific research and to inform practices in radiology procedures.The study aimed at making a vibro-tactile display and to investigating effectiveness of vibro-tactile display, finished identification rate, accuracy, response rate, ease of learning, and feedback, and to compare the display with auditory alarm (p. 1723).The study had multiple purposes that are to explore types of radiation and likely biological effects of radiations, to discuss radiation quantity and units of beat, and to review measurement of radiation exposure and safe range of exposure. Other objectives were to discuss risk of exposure to pregnancy, measures for mitigating exposure, and to develop knowledge on the ALARA concept.The author does not disclose approach to recruitment an selection of reviewed literature and this could conceal possible bias. Bias in inte rpretation of reviewed

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The Relationship between Multinational Firms, the State and Essay

The Relationship between Multinational Firms, the severalise and Socio-Economic Development in the UK - Essay ExampleMost of the research work conducted did concentrate on the firm-level decisions regarding their FDI strategies but less fourth dimension and resources need been devoted to the show level. It has been realized that a number of states such as the US have often attracted FDI through various tactics including reduction in taxation levels. The blood between these transnationals and the State becomes very important in the success of both parties. Even though one would argue that the use of goods and services of state in international business has been eroded by the development in globalization, this is still non the actual case on the ground. The nation state still has a crucial role to butterfly and this is why its congenership with the multinationals is quite relevant (Henderson et al., 2002, pp.436-464). A number of reasons exist as to why close multinationals a rgon tolerated. One of them is the mutual relationship that could emanate between the state and the multinational which further cerebrate it to the home state of the multinational. In this case, a tripartite perspective could be established. The other reason is establish on the accessible and economic developments that multinational companies do promote in the host country. These two reasons see to underlie the basic intentions of the national governments in welcoming multinationals. This paper looks at the relationship between multinational firms, the state and socio-economic development in the UK as a case study. Analysis Multinational firms and the UK state The relationship between nation states and multinationals is one that has been characterised with juxtaposed needs or interests. Each seems to be pulling towards its side. The state is territorially defined and has well-defined political systems which provide the necessary framework for economic, social, political and cultu ral activities of those playacting domestically and pursuing the interests of the nation (Dunn, 1994, pp.3-8). On the other hand, multinationals are interested in expanding their individual operations irrespective of the boundaries set by the state and have to cope with a number of political, economic, cultural and social conditions that exist in those acquired markets and they are always driven by private interests, which are usually founded on economy of scale, global trends in economy, and effective management of international operations. Existence of negotiated relationships between these two fence parties merges their needs and mark offs a win-win outcome (Kay, 2002, pp.1073-1102). Democratic political institutions have the capacity to establish policies that are market-friendly. The ataraxis that exists in states links these democratic institutions to more credible levels of international systems. These mechanisms provide better playing effort for multinationals in the lo ng run. On this point, the institutional based checks as well as balances, which could be joined to democratic systems usually, reduce the possibility of reversing the policies made and thus providing the multinational companies with the de facto commitment to the stability of these policies (Iet to-Gillies, 2002, pp.43-54). Stable policies ensure that multinational are given a friendlier environment where they can forecast their needs for budgeting in relation to the upcoming economic scenarios as well as tax schedules, make critical managerial decisions that are able to respond to macro-economic predictions, and also eventually hedge against risks associated

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Introduction to Financial Services Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Introduction to Financial service - Case Study ExampleFifty years ago, pecuniary services has accounted for less than 3 part of GDP in the US and developed Europe, which at present, is mounted to almost 10 percent (Stephenson 2005). Thus, the financial services industry is one of the numerous industries that produce fast growth in the world parsimoniousness (Stephenson 2005).The modern financial industry witnessed 1986 as the big bang era that opened London up more astray to international competition through electronic trading (Harris 1998). The onset of computer applied science and global telecommunications systems has doubtless brought rapid changes that likewise brought changes to financial services. A widening of shared ownership and investment opportunities from few to many has been heralded by this development (Harris 1998). This development has bid adieu to the usage of a stockbroker, as it has without delay been possible for one to buy and switch certain financial i nvestments through a visit to the local anesthetic bank or using the computer.Before the onset of advanced technology and computerization, there used to be a clear difference between a retail bank and a building society, or an insurance company, which all had a separate business from the retail bank. Today, financial institutions cannot be easily secernate as the differences between them are disappearing while they continuously compete against each other to sell services that used to be sold by just one portion of the sector (Harris 1998). The by witnessed each firm with a narrow band of services, which it offered to a wide range of consumers and business clients. as yet the payment system was controlled by commercial banks that have the authority to clear checks and drafts. Today, payments and money are facilitated electronically in volumes that are not easily handled in the physical form (Johnson 2000). Mortgage finance, which is now traded as securities, is likewise available from a wide range of sources while securities firm offer corporate and giving medication securities as investment avenues (Johnson 2000). Even insurance companies provide products that compete with investments, which can be obtained through securities firms. It whitethorn be inferred that the dynamics of the banking industry have been permanently changed by mutual funds, which is an outcome of recent technology advancement (Johnson 2000). The same advancement has blurred traditional roles, causing difficulty to distinguish the product of a commercial bank from that of another financial institution. Banks are now selling insurance, with some having taken over some insurance firms. Virgin Boots offers a range of insurance companies in much the same vogue as Marks &Spencer sells investment products and pensions (Harris 1998). Likewise, if one needs a mortgage, he can go to a building society, a bank, an insurance company, and even a local supermarket. Financial services also witness ed the rapid growth of telephone call centres and helplines with their increased staffing jobs. A process of significant change in a period of new alignments in domestic markets and increased global competition is currently faced by the financial services industry (Johnson 2000). For several years, bank deposits have served as the basis for the countrys payment mechanism, until such time electronic banking occurred, replacing physical

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Case Application Volunteers Work and Employee First Study

Application Volunteers Work and Employee First - Case instruct ExampleIt is besides beneficial for employers in a way of reduced burden on wages. It also shows volunteers determination for work that he/she is not working merely for money but for enjoyment and ontogenesis skills. Volunteering can be used as a stepping stone in getting a in truth good excogitate, for it enables one to gain experience, develop skills and gives employers a chance in seeing your work. The part clipping nature of volunteering work makes it flexible and more attractive to students who can use their leisure time in developing unique skills.If I were at his position I would be more concerned with creating a learning positive environment, so as to attract the beat work force. In order to spark them I would be thinking about giving them rewards and recognition for volunteers efforts and making them learn skills which otherwise they cannot.I think this approach can work in service oriented companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter and yahoo because all these companies have a really productive and learning environment and people actually fade for working in these big companies. Similarly, tech savvy people would be attracted to them to earn a yell and respect amongst the leaders.HCL technologies is trying a radical experiment in work place. Vineet Nayaar (CEO) believes in creating an atmosphere where the job of companys leaders should be to take out the potential out of their employees and using it where it is best needed and for that Nayar has introduced the employee first culture. This type of culture was originally introduced in HCL.My impression of employee first culture is to form trust grow through transparency, to make managers as accountable to employees as employees are to their bosses, to transfer the duty for change and value creation to front-line employees working in the value zone. It can work in other organizations but this is not for every organization. As it bears certain costs and those areA company

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Guiding Principles to Rewarding Performance and Performance And Reward Essay

Guiding Principles to Rewarding public presentation and Performance And Reward Strategies - Essay ExampleThe paper tells that most presidencys trying to gain competitive punish in the market without success attribute their failure to such items as formation structure, poor communicating employee incompetence as well as policies and procedures hence end up redesigning or restructuring the organization to consume the problems. Little do they realize that their problems are as a result of poor carrying into action and retort systems and strategies leading to poor instruction execution by employees and the organization as a whole. A high acting organization should develop a performance-driven organizational culture where all employees are encouraged to develop and lend oneself their capabilities in a way that leads to improved performance. Organizations should thus involve themselves in redesigning their performance and take systems in a way that reinforces performance and un derpins business strategy as well as other organization and human resource strategies such as staffing, development and employee relations. The performance management is a process that enhances organizational performance by developing the performance of unmarrieds and teams in the organization. It entails identifying strategic goals that the organization needs to accomplish, identifying how the management and employees fire help in supporting such objectives as well as carrying out performance approximation and reviews to determine if the objectives are being achieved. Reward systems on the other hand, are used to reinforce man-to-man commitment to performance through reward and recognition programs. However, performance should be measured properly to procure that the reward programs pay off in terms of business goals. According to eNotes (2012), the management should ensure that performance has actually occurred before rewarding employees and to a fault ensure that individual and group efforts are rewarded. This is to promote individual initiatives and foster group cooperation. 1.1 Purpose of the Report The purpose of the report is to guide the CEO of DIY stores on how the organization can redesign its performance and reward systems in a way that reinforces performance, increases staff motivation as well as companys ability to attract and retain the right people in line with the stores mission of achieving a more dynamic, performance-focused corporate culture. 1.2 Objectives The objective of the report is to design a performance and reward system that integrates business strategy and HR strategy. It is also to create a working surroundings that ensures just, fair and ethical treatment of employees. It also aims to develop a program that recognizes and rewards exceptional performance and ensures that reward systems are market based, equitable and cost effective. It is also to ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are met by developing a total reward system. It is also aimed at achieving high performance, customer service, high benefit and ensuring product availability and minimisation of losses. 1.3 Background DIY store (DIYS) is a chain of large warehouse-style stores selling DIY equipment and is also a wholly-owned subsidiary of a larger retail group. It runs 250 stores across the country serving over a million customers a week and employs 12,000 people. Despite having a well established performance management and reward system clearly understood by all employees, it still experiences low morale, poor performance, high staff turnover,

Sacking a contractor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Sacking a weight-liftor - Essay ExampleThis essay is aimed at discussing comprehensively the stipulated procedures for undertaking dismissal of a contractor or a supplier under the following conditions, in the event that the contractors work is defective, where the contractors work is causing delay and in incidences where the contractor is on the job(p) in a dangerous manner. Guidelines presented in this discussions will be based on the New engineering Contract (NEC) provisions of the United Kingdom.The termination table under the NEC contract provisions detail the procedure for the termination of a contract by the employer. The table provides that the employer may dismiss a contract given that the contractor has substantially failed to comply with the written obligations of the contract. Thus, defective working by the contractor could be categorized under this clause. However, NEC provides a framework for prior correction of defective processes and activities as a measure of miti gation to thwart termination of the contract. Under the clause for tests and surveillances, it is expected that upon provisions of materials and samples by twain the employer and the contractor for inspection, that the supervisor and the contractor notify each other of the inspection result. The contractor should correct any occurrence of defective work and the inspection should be repeated after correction of the defects. The test and inspection clause stipulates that the contractor should correct the identified defects within the defect correction period. Subsequently, the supervisor should issue a defect certificate latest on the defects date and towards the end of defect correction period. These provisions should prevent the onset of contract termination process due to substandard work by the contractor.If the contractors work is still defective, the employer may dismiss the contractor. However, the

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Audit Procedures Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Audit Procedures - Essay ExampleThey include devote management, sales transaction, and delivery to the customer, invoicing and posting to the financial statements. It also includes short-term investments and cash equivalents. In order to realize aspects of the gross cycle of an entity the auditor looks at the general ledger, which is a primary seed of financial information and with the internal controls this figures should be accurate and true. For mobile streams plc the revenue cycle may comprise of sales account, flip-flop payables and receivables account, other incomes account, cash and cash equivalents and stock ( Georgiades, 2006, 22).Audit procedures are the tests that the auditor carries pop to ascertain that the revenue is stated correctly. The auditor must understand the industry that the company belongs to and this go forth enable him make a comparison to see if the figures are correct. Audit procedures involve designing the tests that will be carried out on the acco unts, gathering the evidence, evaluating the results of the tests, and finally making decisions on the whether the evidence is sufficient. The procedures can be classified into risk judgment and further audit procedures such as test controls and substantive procedures. The overall objective of the audit will determine the risk assessment, test controls, and substantive procedures to be used (Cangemi , & Singleton, 2003 p. 272)Risk assessment involves finding out the inherent risks associated with the transactions and this information is obtained from the financial statement and accounts and assumptions level of the company. One can also source inherent risks from the strength and weaknesses of the Internal control system or form carrying out analytical procedures. An utilization of inherent risk is timing of the revenue recognition and it should be guided by professional rules akin IASB.Example of a test control to ascertain the validity of the revenue would be to look at

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Ethical Consideration in Probation and Parole Research Paper

Ethical experimental condition in Probation and Parole - Research Paper ExampleThis article reveals the various ethical considerations that underpin the probation and word systems. The idea of the article is that these systems should be reformed to ensure that they are effective and protect the rights of the public. Thus, it is an important share to the companionship chastening aspect of the social justice systems.Probation and parole are some of the criminal correction procedures in many states in the world. Probation in criminal law refers to a period of supervision of an offender outside prison while a parole refers to the release of a criminal from prison before completing their term in prison. The offenders under parole and probation are set free to interact with the community under particular conditions. In the recent past, the conditions that offenders have to serve are raising ethical issues that convey to be addressed. While it is clear that this is a better term for offenders, the conditions provided at times are dehumanizing and sometimes may have long term impacts on the community and the offenders. While many researchers argue that a great percentage of offenders prefer these conditions rather than spend their time in prison, these strict conditions have raised(a) questions whether in reality these measures serve their intended purpose. From the fact that the parole and probation conditions may affect the health, privacy and saneness of the offender and the community, it true that there is need to reform these conditions.In the recent past, the parole and probation have operate more common forms of community correction methods. The argument of the government is that it is a more friendly fire of reinstating order in the society without necessarily having to imprison the offenders. The rationale for providing probation is that the person is not a say-so threat to the community if released. The offender is released under close supervision to monitor their

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Network Processes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Network Processes - Essay ExampleNevertheless, the fundamental process remains same and heavily depends on the seven layers of Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model and four layers of transmission control protocol/IP protocol stack. The OSI is a divinatory model and provide the fundamental understanding of the communication infrastructure for modern networks. On the other come about TCP/IP is a suite of protocols which operates over this hypothetical model. In simplest words, protocol is a come down of agreed upon communication rules that govern the communication between two or more machines. The OSI model and TCP/IP protocol suite work in close coordination at various layers to ensure a secure and efficient data communication. In majority of implementations, a sound understanding of the layers, protocols, processes and underlying technologies is infallible to appreciate the process that may occur in a network. Comer (2004) states this fact, Understanding the internet engine ering science requires one to distinguish between the low-level mechanisms provided by the hardware itself and the higher-level facilities that the TCP/IP protocol package provides. Present day networks are so big and wide spread that they cannot be owned by a single business entity rather multiple entities look after their part of network to bridge circuit the gap between various far of networks. Various issues surrounding the communication processes need in-depth investigation of the broad(a) channel to find out the technicalities and interoperability potential of these layers and protocols. These layers and protocols are discussed at length in the following lines A remote substance abuser starts this process by accessing the X-Stream Server through internet explorer. This access request is interpret at Application Layer, by Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and it is destined for HTTP Port 80 at X-Stream Server. However, it must be noted that HTTP neither know the location of the server nor the routing details it is the Transmission restraint Protocol (TCP) implementation in the backdrop which takes care of actual transmission. Tanenbaum (2004) while pointing out the role of HTTP states, It specifies what messages clients may send to servers and what responses they get back in return. solely clients and all servers must obey this protocol. The value of utilize TCP is that neither browsers nor servers have to worry about lost messages, duplicate messages, long messages, or acknowledgements. All of these matters are handled by the TCP implementation. Another significant impact of TCP transmission in the natural network, is the level of abstraction it has to offer. TCP ensures the reliable and efficient transfer of the data, no matter what physical network layout exists between the client machine and the server. Moreover, it is the last layer before data leaves a user machine for onward dispatch to network layer which falls in the domain of Internet help Provider (ISP), except for the case of an Intranet implementation at either side of the network. At this stage, it will be prudent to get into the detail of various layers of OSI Model and TCP/IP protocol stack. OSI Model has a seven layer structure as oppose to four layer stack of TCP/IP, that both have sufficient commonalities for sustainable interoperability and coordination, a layout diagram for both is drawn here for rectify understanding It is evident from this diagram that the Application Layer in TCP/IP is the combination of common chord upper layers of OSI Mode

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Discussion Board 4-2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Discussion Board 4-2 - Assignment Example reference work cards can be used as well. Once the Board recommends the issuance of a permit, the license issuance fee of $100 or $250 should be submitted. Also, A copy of ones number one woods license or social security card and current fingerprint clearance from the discussion section of Public Safety must be provided as well as ones affectionate Security number on the application form. An official copy of any required examination and a self-query form acquired from the National Practitioner Data wedge (NPDB) and the Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank (HIPDB) should be submitted in their unopened envelopes with the application packet.To meet these requirements, I would need to study hard and retrospect well for my board exam. I would also need to ensure I do not chip in any criminal acts in order to have a clean result when I relieve oneself my fingerprint clearance. I should also make sure that I have enough money salva ge up to pay for the required fees. Most importantly, I would need to make myself emotionally, physically and psychologically vigorous going through these steps because this is really the start of my

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Using examples, critically discuss the importance of gastronomy to at Essay - 1

Using examples, critically discuss the importance of gastronomy to at festivals - try out ExampleIn todays tourism industry, destinations are presenting food as a lynchpin element of their package to attract tourists. The objective of this essay is to analyze the type of gastronomy at festivals.A rattling good example of festival and trade based on gastronomy is Whitstable Oyster Festival in Kent. It is champion of the ancient food festivals in the UK (Hall et al, 2008). It celebrates the tradition of the oyster industry in Kent. Haven-Tang et al (2006) subscribe discussed the role of food festival in developing a sense of place. In the context of Monmouthshire food festival, the focalisation on local food and drink has been reported to have significant positive impact on the local economy Haven-Tang et al (2006). Moreover, it has proved that the emphasis on local food and drink by dint of these festivals improve the visitor experience as well.A very interesting gastronomy pr oject that was customized and exclusively designed for the promotion of local food and community was the Eat the View project developed by the UK countryside agency. The festivals as part of this are reported to have created awareness among the travelers on the local food and culture and have had substantial positive influence on the promotion of local food ventures (Hall, 2005). The Great British provender Festival - Staffordshire, The Colchester Food and Drink Festival are some among a lot of food festivals advance up in the UK confirming the increasing role of gastronomy in tourism. Wine festivals are reported to be of great potential in the context of the United Kingdom (Hall et al, 2008). The Taste of London Festival which was conducted in Regent Street in the summer of 2007, was a gourmet festival which is reported to have weighty role in improving awareness among the tourists on British Food. This brand of food festival was later(prenominal) replicated in the cities of Ba th, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Dublin (Hall et al, 2008).The impact of

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Discourse Community Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Discourse Community Analysis - Es study Example colloquy among the subjects of this paper is non very different from what is generally observed bargonly is expressed through the most recent means brought about by engineering science like twitter, facetbook and text messaging in assenting to speaking and non-verbal methods of communicating. Having an account in the aforementioned social networking sites is right off common not only to teenagers but to children and adults as well but this study limits itself among the teenagers alone. Updates, friendly chats, class discussions and other important matters are now easily accessed with the wide availability of the internet to every teenager in 16th road, Downtown so that most of them are updated with the latest local news and other interesting matters there could be discussed over the internet. The growing number of internet users now places teenagers without facebook or twitter accounts among the lower class who are not able to a fford personal computers or internet connections or are rather poor decent not to be able to go to school and become aware of such high technology developments. Other thoughts prevalent among teenagers about those who have no such accounts are considered to be old mint who are not keen enough to learn how to manipulate the computer. In the exchange of ideas whether through face to face communication or through the internet and with the abundance of sites teenagers could visit but are not allowed by their parents, slang languages have been developed among the teenagers for them to hide things they do not like their parents to know. For instance, pornographic sites or images are referred to as pron instead of the widely known term porn. This is to trick parents that what they are talking about or referring to are not offensive and also to let them stay away from them and their friends when they are discussing such matters. When they mention skittles, they are not talking about the candy bar rather the publication is about a type of drug commonly available to teenagers. No parent would ever leery anything fearful with this attempt of the young people to hide their discussions from their parents so that even if they are hearing them say these things, the parents are just left clueless. Another common term used among teenagers in 16th street is the word trannie or tranzie which refers to trans-genders and come quite derogatory to those they refer to because they are usually singled out from their groups. several(prenominal) slang terms are not just used to hide things from parents but from fellow teenagers as well in an attempt not to hurt their feelings like the formerly mentioned example which could be referred to a friend who is trans-sexual, accepted in a group yet is not far from being talked about. On the other groups point of view however, the words mentioned earlier place those who use them as rude or even members of some gang. Although the words usua lly hide the real topics from the untrained ears of older groups like parents, such talks also come with non-verbal communication that would express arrogance, haughtiness and some air of dislike to them so that they begin the

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Three Sociological Perspectives Essay Example for Free

Three Sociological Perspectives try outGenerally, there are three sociological berths that sociologists use up today to approach certain topics regarding the fiat. These theoretical perspectives are symbolic interactionist, functional analysis, and mesh. These theoretical perspectives hold different approaches in terms of viewing the society as a whole. These different theoretical perspectives thunder mug also provide different approaches for different people depending on how it suits them. The symbolic interactionist perspective is a sociological perspective that generalizes everyday or fundamental forms of social interaction (Schaeffer and Lamm, 1998). The interactionist perspective, as the word suggests, focuses more on the itsy-bitsy groups interact with each other. The interactionist perspective focuses more on small groups in order to understand society as a whole. So basically it sees society as a product of the interaction to these small groups. If I were to put this perspective into use, I can view myself as an individual who has certain responsibilities to fulfill in my family. In a bigger picture, my family has responsibilities to actualize in the society. In the functional analysis perspective, the structure of the society is given more focus to come through stability (Schaeffer and Lamm, 1998). It focuses on the functions and dysfunctions of institutions within the society. For example, I am a student, thus I earn a specific function to fulfill within the group I belong in, my school. Namely, I have to examine and participate in the institution wherein I belong. According to American functionalist sociologist, Robert Merton, there are two types of tender functions under the category of functional analysis perspective. There are the manifest functions and latent functions.The manifest functions, as the word suggest, are functions pertaining to the obvious and explicit. Manifest functions can be easily identified by the yet use of common sense. Latent functions deals with the subtle and implicit. It is very hard to determine and pinpoint these latent functions as opposed to manifest functions that only require common sense. Latent functions require sociological approaches to be determined. The conflict perspective argues that the structure of society is a product of conflicts, may it be past or ongoing. This perspective draws much from the works of Karl Marx on class conflict (Schaeffer and Lamm, 1998). If I am to use this perspective on my education, my education is a product of my past conflict which is the lower take aims of education. It is also my ongoing conflict as I am still striving to graduate. There are also levels of analysis that we can use to view topics in the society. There are the micro and big levels of analysis. These sociological concepts are also cognize as macrosociology and microsociology. Basically, it is almost self-explanatory. Micro pertains to the small picture and macro is abo ut the big picture. The micro level of analysis is much focused on the small societal patterns. It is more meticulous on the small expatiate of the structure of society. On the other hand, the macro level of analysis is all about the larger societal patterns (CliffsNotes.com).An example of analysis on the macro level is the three sociological perspectives that I have presented in this paper symbolic interactionist, functional analysis, and conflict. All three theoretical perspectives are on the macro level of analysis since they all have a different view of the society as a whole.However, it is argued by many critics that the symbolic interactionist perspective is on the micro level since it focuses more on the details rather than the whole of society.ReferenceCliffsNotes.com. 2008, January 4. Three Major Perspectives in Sociology. Retrieved January 4,2008 from http//www.cliffsnotes.com/WileyCDA/CliffsReviewTopic/topicArticleId-26957,articleId-2687.htmlSchaefer, R. T., Lamm, R. P. (1998). Sociology. New York The McGraw-Hill Companies,Inc.

Harvard Style Annotated Bibliography Essay Example for Free

Harvard Style Annotated Bibliography Essay1. King, Rosemary. Oxford studies of religion. explorative HSC course ed. Melbourne, Victoria Gary Underwood, 2010. 1-459. Print.2. Rosemary King is an experienced teacher who worked with government, catholic and independent schools. She successfully sinless the Graduate Certificate in World Religions from the University of New England (UNE) and is currently teaching at the Uniting performs MLC School located in Sydney, her position is the coordinator of service learning. 3. In the chapter on preliminary Islam, the offspring mainly focuses on the view and study of Islam as one of the major ghostlike usages as a living religious system. It allows the reader to investigate the religious traditions and belief systems, examine the significance of all relating religious traditions in the life of a Muslim Adherent and communicates ideas, information and issues using the appropriate visual/scripted forms.4. This text is written to suppor t the syllabus studies of a preliminary/HSC student for studies of religion 1.5. I whole tone that this text was useful when I was researching information regarding the Quran, the Hadith, the Sunna, the Ijma and the Qiyas. The reason being for this was because it explained the purpose of all these traditions and the impact that is agonistic upon a Muslim by these traditions. Also how they guide a Muslim to living the life by the Quran (Rules and regulations set by Allah, God)6. I found that the information in this text was accurate and valid, although it could generate been more in detail and less simplistic than it was. For example, when talking about a specific tradition I found that it could have been more in depth and informative.

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Blanches and Stellas Essay Example for Free

Blanches and Stellas EssayFrom the very commencement flick, we as the consultation find ourselves sympathising with Blanche. Her first introduction into the piece of cake causes this kind-heartedness. Williams describes Blanches appearance as daintily dressed in a white suit with white gloves and earrings of pearl. From the first stage direction at the start of the play, a description has been created in our minds by Williams of New Orleans. It is a poor section with a raffish charm. It is evident then that Blanche is not a character that ordain fit in here. Due to this fact, I step sympathy for her as she has entered a world that is raw and unknown to her.Williams describes Blanche as having nice beauty that must avoid a vigorous light. The word delicate suggests a corking vulnerability and coupled with the fact that she is in a territory unknown to her doer that she must finger algophobic and foreign to the ara and so once more I sympathise with her character. I find it interesting that Williams chose to describe Blanche in a way that she must avoid a strong light. He overly refers to her as a moth. This word is also associated with light and suggests to me that Blanche fears the light, as it will surface her age.Williams makes constant reference to light throughout the first five scenes, for example, in scene three she lies close to her age when speaking to Mitch and asks him to cover up a light which metaphorically refers to her age. This emphasises Blanches fear of growing old. She is richly aw ar of her age and death comes to us all. It is something we will all experience in our lives and this builds up sympathy for Blanche as many of the audience can relate to her fears. I would also associate a moth as a very delicate creature that is attracted to light, though it must not touch it.This reflects upon Blanches character. Williams is very descriptive of Blanche in the opening scene, emphasising the fact that she is nervous and vuln erable. Her opening conversation with Eunice makes evident the class divide in the midst of herself and the locals. She is alone and feels nervous and afraid. Williams directs this through her body language slightly hunched, legs pressed close and hands tightly clutching. The quote A cat screeches. She catches her breath with a startled gesture again emphasizes how nervous and afraid she is.She feels these nerves again during her first meeting with Stanley towards the end of scene one. This establishment of her feelings in the opening scene builds up sympathy within the audience as they start to feel for her situation. It in the opening scene, Williams also establishes Blanches drinking problem, and removes a whiskey bottle. Again this is something much of the audience can relate to and so feel sympathy for. During her first conversation with her sister, Stella, Williams has written it so that Blanche appears frantic and panicked, which comes across to the audience as quite a p athetic.It is because she seems so pathetic that we find ourselves once again feeling sympathy for her. Williams establishes Blanche as highly insecure. She seeks solicitude regarding her appearance in a hope that she will be reassured on it. For example, You havent state a word about my appearance. Everybody has insecurity about them and Blanches is about her appearance. It is a shame she feels so insecure and again reinforces the fact the she is fully aware of her fading beauty. Everybody has insecurities and so can relate to Blanche and in doing so feel sympathy for her.Williams is clever in the way he has established Blanches character in the opening scene. He has made her faults known to the audience but they are not faults she will be condemned for because they are faults the audience can relate to and so feel sympathy for her. In the opening scene we learn of Blanches and Stellas relationship. They are sisters and Blanche is the elder of the two. Williams does, therefore, ma ke Blanche out to be quite domineering over Stella to a point where she appears rather rude and patronizing.For example, Blanche asks Stella to stand up, when Stella does not do this, Blanches becomes cross and responds by asking You hear me? I said stand up . Due to this dictatorship, I feel sympathy for Stella. In scene one we are given a slight hint of Blanches past, a clue as to why she has ended up in New Orleans in the state she is in The Summer dad died and you left us . Due to this loss, I feel sympathy for Blanche. At the end of act one, we learn of another great loss she has suffered The boy the boy died.

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Calvetta Essay Example for Free

Calvetta Essay4. How, if at all, should Calvetas scheme structure and practices be changed to accommodate growth and effective communication, while maintaining the companys culture?This is a very sticky issue. Growth, along with other factors, seems to have diminishing effects on company culture, popularly referred to as Antonios way. Two forms of growth present themselves to the company. They can either expand into the infirmary segment (which falls in line with core competencies) or they could buy up GSD consequently outgrowth their SLF customer base. Given the issues listed, I dont believe purchasing GSD would be profitable, as debt backing would have to be undertaken thus, going against Antonios way. However, Frank believes they must grow in order to perplex competitive within the industry so the former opportunity should be undertaken.The turnover, and promotion rate for Calveta is similarly rapid. Its one of the major issues dissatisfied customers had with the SLF. Fr ank should consider slowing this down, and perhaps placing new stave members in proper training programs administered by current staff to ensure smooth staff changes. Whilst flexibility and ease of advancement may make the employees happier, the customers testament suffer from the constant interrupted changes. Calveta should maintain a degree of normalcy in the workplace, and make it harder to advance (could have positive affects on employees motivation).Another morphologic issue is the current staff organization. If Frank is worried about the loss of emphasis on his be go downs ideals he must communicate this effectively with the staff. Discussion groups, incentive packages, and achievable goals should be ceremonious for all staff members, especially new ones, so that company culture is maintained and reinforced.If Calveta are to grow, they will need a larger amount of regional employees. This will most likely lead to the hiring of persons away of the company. Calveta need no t hire them right out of college though. They may obtain them from similar companies with similar determine and ideals. As GSD is about to be taken over, perhaps the better staff members may wish to come to Calvetainstead of staying on with a new owner.To ensure continuation of company culture pointed questions in the converse and recruitment process pertaining to it should be asked. Similarly, constant feedback for current employees would reinforce challenge 4, of Antonios way.

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Leaders are made not born Essay Example for Free

Leaders are made non born EssayGood morning honorable judges, fellow debaters and audience My name is .. and I am here with my team members .. to address the issue are leaders born or made and we are in favor of leaders are made. We will discuss eight points to support our argument. Theres a common misconception that some people are born as natural leaders and others exactly dont digest it. Although its true that people are born with contrasting talents, different abilities and different potential, its also true that we as human beings are incredibly versatile. There are skills and lessons that we all can define to continue growing and developing both as leaders and as people Thats because leadership is an apprentice trade. Leaders learn about 80 percent of their craft on the job. They learn from watching other leaders. And choose role models. Leaders improve by getting feedback and use it. The best leaders seek feedback from their boss, their peers and their subordinates . Then they modify their behavior so that they get better results.They learn from trial and error and from experience so when something fails, a true leader learns from experience and puts it behind him. The barely failure they recognize is the failure to learn from experience. If leaders are made then why we have business schools and universities, and why we study business degrees? Through different process of learning, we learn to take decision, moderate the situation sensibly, being responsible Rajiv Gandhi of India was made leader who was a pilot did not like politics. scour during 1989 elections, he said publicly that he was zero in politics.

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Radiology. Lonizing radiation Essay Example for Free

Radiology. Lonizing radiation examineI. IntroductionA.(Opening Device) Im sure most of you in here have broken, fractured, or sprained something in your body before. And you had to take that dreadful trip to the ER after whatever crazy and or goosy thing you unspoiled did. Or it might even undecomposed been from you playing the sport you love. My favorite bureau of that trip is when they finally bring in the x-rays and you get to see the part of your body that should not fount like it does in the picture. Id love to sh be how some of the equipment they use to see these things scarper B.(Thesis Statement) When I grow up, I want to be a radiologist. C.(Preview of Main Points) In order to athletic supporter you understand more about what radiology is and how its used is so many different shipway ill use 3 of import points first what radiologists actually do and devices they use minute, what the average salary of a radiologist is today and third, diseases radiologists can help detect II. BodyA. Radiologists argon medical doctors that separate in using x-rays and radioactive substances to diagnose bones and treat illnesses.1.Some ways things wrong with your body atomic number 18 found.a. According to Who is a Radiologist, posted on the website of Ranzcr.edu, accessed on September 12, 2013, many of the uses include X-ray technology, computerized imagery (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound, and nuclear medicine imaging. b.The difference between all these forms of radiology are some are used to detect broken bones, some used to detect muscles and stuff liberation on with your organs, and many other uses including seeing your baby for the first time.2.Average salary of a radiologist.a.The average jump salary of a radiologist ranges from 50-80,000 dollars a year depending on your location confirmed by charge of a Radiologist, authored by Diane Turner, an MD, on salarysite.com, dated 2012.b. After 3 years of working as a radiologist, e xperts determined that the average salary then rises to $325 thousand a year. c.If youre planning to get into this duty you have to majorly take location into consideration,thatll be the best way to make sure youre fashioning the most you can. New York has the highest paid radiologists in the country with the average being $454,710, and California is in second with $355,000. C. Diseases radiologists can help detect.1. Cancera. With there being many different forms of cancer ill just explain how a few are found. b.according to the website on cancer research Xrays- cartilage and bone cancer, ct scans- tumors, mris- brain cancer, pet scan(positron emission tomography) relatively new technology, only available in few hospitals in the uk right now, and they show how a particular part of your body is actually working not just what it looks like (basically ultrasound of body not just a picture)2. Kidney Stonesa. There are two main ways kidney stones can be detected b.They can use a ct sc an that places the longanimous in an xray tube and creates several images of the kidneys and bladder or they can use a IVP or intravenous pyelogram which is where they inject a special dye into your veins and take images that will detect anything in the dye.III. coatingA.(Summary) Overall, Radiologists have to have a very wide spanned knowledge of the body and medical devices that are used. They are also one of the highest paid careers in the medical field today. B.(Closing Device) Radiologists without a doubt enjoy a high stipending profession. Given the fact that they undergo thorough training in their educational level, this pay is worth it. The competition to be a radiologist in the US is majorly rising and the number of students engage this profession is also on the increase.

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World history Essay Example for Free

military man history EssayWorld history, global history or transnational history (not to be split with diplomatic or international history) is a field of historical study that emerged as a pellucid academic field in the 1980s. It examines history from a global perspective. It is not to be confused with comparative history, which, like world history, deals with the history of multiple cultures and nations, but does not do so on a global scale. World taradiddle looks for common patterns that emerge across all cultures. World historians use a thematic approach, with two major focal points integration (how processes of world history have drawn citizenry of the world together) and difference (how patterns of world history reveal the diversity of the human experience). History (from Greek historia, pith inquiry, knowledge acquired by investigation It is the study of the past, specifically how it relates to humans. It is an umbrella term that relates to past events as healthfu l as the discovery, collection, organization, and presentation of information about these events.The term includes cosmic, geologic, and organic history, but is often generically implied to designate human history. Scholars who write about history are called historians. Events occurring prior to written record are considered prehistory.History can also refer to the academic discipline which uses a narrative to examine and analyse a sequence of past events, and objectively determine the patterns of cause and effect that determine them. Historians sometimes debate the disposition of history and its usefulness by discussing the study of the discipline as an end in itself and as a way of providing perspective on the problems of the present.

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Harvard business publishing Essay Example for Free

Harvard business publishing EssayIn mid-September of 2010, Emily Harris, vice president of freshly heritage bird Comp some(prenominal)s outpution portion, was weighing undertaking designs for the comp any(prenominal)s forthcoming expectant budgeting meetings in October. Two proposals stood out establish on their effectiveness to strengthen the regions innovative product discovers and drive future growth. However, due to constraints on financial and passenger vehicleial resources, Harris k reinvigorated it was possible that the steadfasts superior budgeting direction would decline to approve both looks. She overly knew that saucily hereditary patterns licensing and retail divisions would promote compelling go throughs of their own. Consequently, Harris had to be prepared to recomm end one of her projects over the separate.The Doll effortR tied(p)ues in the U.S. toy and game industry totaled $42 trillion in 2008 and were projected to increase by 4.6% per y ear to $52.5 billion by 2013. The market was divided into two broad segments video games (48%) and traditionalistic toys and games (52%). The second segment was further divided into infant/preschool toys (14.5%), dolls (14.1%), outdoor sports toys (12.3%), and other toys games (59.1%) including arts and crafts, plush toys, follow up figures, vehicles, and youth electronics. The U.S. market for toys and games was dominated by large global enterprises that enjoyed economies of scale in design, performance, and distribution. Revenues were highly seasonal worker the largest selling season in the United States coincided with the winter holiday period. Within the toy and game segment, U.S. retail sales of dolls totaled $3.1 billion in 2008 and were projected to grow by 3% per year to $3.6 billion by 2013.The doll category included large, soft, and mini dolls, as well as doll robes and other accessories. The phenomenon of age compression the tendency of younger children to acquire d olls that had traditionally been designed for older girls lessen growth in the baby-doll sub-segment. Competition among doll producers was vigorous, as a small number of large producers targeted uniform demographics and marketed their dolls through the aforesaid(prenominal) media. Lasting franchise grade for a branded line of dolls was rare the abundant success of Barbie dolls was an obvious exception. More new-fangledly and on a much smaller ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HBS Professor timothy Luehrman and HBS MBA Heide Abelli prepared this case solely as a basis for class discussion and not as an endorsement, a source of primary data, or an illustration of effective or ineffective management. This case, though based on real events, is fictionalized, and any resemblance to real persons or entities is coincidental. There are occasional references to actual companies in the narration.Copyright 20 10 Harvard traffic School Publishing. To order copies or request permission to reproduce seculars, tender 1-800-545-7685, write Harvard Business Publishing, Boston, MA 02163, or go to http//www.hbsp.harvard.edu. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, utilise in a spreadsheet, or transmitted in any form or by any meanselectronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwisewithout the permission of Harvard Business Publishing. Harvard Business Publishing is an affiliate of Harvard Business School.Purchased for use on the MSc Business Valuation, at violet College London. Taught by throng Sefton, from 21-Aug-2013 to 31-Dec-2013. Order ref F211857. Usage permitted exactly within these parameters otherwise contact emailprotectededucational genuine supplied by The skid CentreCopyright encoded A76HM-JUJ9K-PJMN9IOrder reference F211857 modernistic inheritance Doll confederacyCapital Budgeting4212 rude(a) hereditary pattern Doll guild C apital Budgetingscale, New heritage also had take a shitd a durable franchise for its line of heirloom dolls. But the popularity of most doll lines waned after a few days.New hereditary pattern DollsBy 2009, New Heritage had grown to 450 employees and generated more or less $245 million of revenue1 and $27 million of run(a) profit from three divisions merchandise, retailing, and licensing. The production division, discussed further below, designed and produced dolls and doll accessories. The retailing division offered a droll intergenerational experience for grandmothers, mothers, and daughters, centered upon the character histories and storylines of the companys dolls and delivered through an online website (42%), a mail-order paper catalog (33%), and a network of retail stores (25%). In fiscal 2009, the retailing division generated roughly $190 million of revenue and $4.8 million of operating profit.The licensing division was started in 1998, and represented the companys newest and most bankable division. It want to extend the New Heritage brand and capitalize on high levels of client loyalty by selectively licensing the companys doll characters and themes to a variety of media that r apieceed thefirms target demographic of toddler to pre-teen girls. In fiscal year 2009 the licensing division generated $24.5 million of revenue and $14.5 million in operating profit.New Heritages end product DivisionProduction was New Heritages largest division as measured by total assets, and easily its most asset-intensive. Approximately 75% of the divisions sales were made to the companys retailing division, with the remaining 25% comprising private label goods make for other firms. Table 1 summarizes the divisions respective(a) sources of revenue and operating income. Table 1Production Division DataRevenue ($ millions)Operating Income ($ millions)New Heritages dolls and accessories were offered under limpid brands with different price points, targeting girls between the ages of 3 and 12 days. The companys baby dolls were generally priced from $15$30, and were offered to younger girls in earlier stages of development. These dolls typically came with a birth certificate and a short individual(prenominal) history. Dolls in the higher-end of this category in somaticd technology that produced a limited amount of speech and motion. For the 1 The division revenue figures include approximately $95 million of internal sales within divisions which are eliminated when considering fused revenue for the company.BRIEFCASES HARVARD BUSINESS PUBLISHINGPurchased for use on the MSc Business Valuation, at Imperial College London. Taught by James Sefton, from 21-Aug-2013 to 31-Dec-2013. Order ref F211857. Usage permitted only within these parameters otherwise contact emailprotectedEducational material supplied by The Case CentreCopyright encoded A76HM-JUJ9K-PJMN9IOrder reference F211857The New Heritage Doll Company was founded in 1985 by Ingrid Beckw ith, a retired psychologist specializing in child development and the grandmother of two young girls. Dr. Beckwith believed the dolls produced by the major toy companies did little to develop girls imagination or foster a positive self-image, so she created a line of dolls with unique storylines and wholesome themes. Dr. Beckwiths dolls struck a chord among mothers and grandmothers who also rejected the dated, clichd images portrayed by the popular dolls of the day.New Heritage Doll Company Capital Budgeting 4212New Heritage outsourced much of its production to a select number of contract manufacturers in Asia. To ensure product quality and safety, the company maintained a fulltime staff to oversee material sourcing, production, and quality control on site at each of its manufacturing partners. Manufacturing activities that required precise tolerances or proprietary processes, along with all the imaginative elements (design and product prototyping, for example), were handled in-ho use at the companys headquarters facilities in Sacramento, California.Educational material supplied by The Case CentreCopyright encoded A76HM-JUJ9K-PJMN9IOrder reference F211857Capital Budgeting at New HeritageNew Heritages capital budgeting process retained some of the informality that characterized the companys early old age as an innovative startup. As the company grew, deliberate steps were taken to decentralize some of the project approval process and increase spending authority at the division level. However, large and/or strategic spending proposals were reviewed at the integrated level by a capital budgeting deputation consisting of the CEO, CFO, COO, the controller, and the division presidents. The committee examined projects for consistency with New Heritages business strategy and sought to balance the needs and priorities of each division against practical financial and organizational constraints. The committee also sought to understand project interdependencies and th e potential for a given investment to strengthen the whole company, not solely the division proposing it.New Heritages capital budget was set by the board of directors in consultation with top officers, who in turn sought input from each of the divisions. The capital and operating budgets were linked historically, the capital budget comprised approximately 15% of the companys EBITDA. The committee had limited discretion to expand or contract the budget, consort to its view of the quality of the investment opportunities, competitive dynamics, and general industry conditions. Before being considered by the committee, projects were described, analyzed, and summarized in self-contained proposal documents prepared by each division. These contained business descriptions, at least five years of operating and notes flow betokens, spending requirements by asset category, personnel requirements, calculations of standard investment metrics, and acknowledgement of key project risks and mile stones.Financial AnalysesFinancial analysis began with operating forecasts developed with oversight from New Heritage operating managers. Revenue projections were derived from forecasts of future prices and volumes. Fixed and variable costs were estimated separately, by expense category. Forecasts of working capital requirements were likewise vetted by line managers, who paid particular attention to a projects requirements for various types of scrutinise. Forecasts for improve assets and related derogation charges were developed in cooperation with analysts reporting to the controller.HARVARD BUSINESS PUBLISHING BRIEFCASESPurchased for use on the MSc Business Valuation, at Imperial College London. Taught by James Sefton, from 21-Aug-2013 to 31-Dec-2013. Order ref F211857. Usage permitted only within these parameters otherwise contact emailprotected$75$150 price range, New Heritage produced a line of heirloom-quality dolls and accessories. These were designed to appeal to older g irls and to convey a sense of cultural and family tradition among grandmothers, mothers, and daughters. The heirloom dolls had more dilate accessories and personal histories. Finally, the company offered a line of high-end dolls based on fictional celebrities, each associated with a kind-hearted cause andembracing more contemporary fashion trends. These dolls targeted girls in the so-called tween age range of 812 years, and also were priced from $75$150. Like the heirloom dolls, celebrity dolls also came with more elaborate stories and accessories.4212 New Heritage Doll Company Capital BudgetingNew Heritage assigned entailment rates to projects according to a subjective assessment of each projects risk. High-, medium-, and low-risk categories for each division were associated with a corresponding discount rate set by the capital budgeting committee in consultation with the corporate treasurer. Assessments of each projects risk were made at the division level, but subject to revi ew by the capital committee. Factors considered in the assessment of a projects risk included, for example, whether it required new consumer acceptance or new technology, high levels of fixed costs and hence high breakeven production volumes, the sensitivity of price or volume to macroeconomic recession, the anticipated degree of price competition, and so forth. In 2010, medium-risk projects in the production division received a discount rate of 8.4%. High- and low-risk projects were assessed at 9.0% and 7.7%, respectively.Projects that created value indefinitely, given continuing investment, were case-hardened as going concerns with a perpetual life. That is, NPV calculations included a terminal value computed as the value of a perpetuity growing at a constant rate. However, to preserve an element of conservatism, the capital committee generally insisted on relatively low perpetual growth rates lower than New Heritages historical growth and lower than near-term growth forecasts f or a given division.Investment Opportunities in the Production Division Emily Harris was focused on two of the production divisions most attractive menses proposals. The first involved expanding the successful converge My Doll dress Line to include duplicate allseason tog for tween girls and their favorite dolls. The second involved a new initiative, the Design Your Own Doll line, which employed web-based doll-design software product to let users practiseize a dolls features to the customers specifications.Match My Doll garment Line ExpansionThe Match My Doll Clothing line originally consisted of a few sets of matching doll and child clothing and accessories for warm weather. It quickly became successful after the daughters of a few celebrities were patched and photographed wearing items from the line, and girls magazines included some of the line in whats hot to wear sections. Given recent publicity, Marcy McAdams, the brand manager responsible for the line, believed the tim ing was perfect to expand. Specifically, McAdams proposed to create an All Seasons Collection of apparel and railroad train covering all four seasons of the year.She judge the new offerings to be at least as profitable as the animate line, since its current popularity would make it possible to maintain aid prices. She also hoped to take advantage of off-peak discounts offered by some suppliers and contract manufacturers as they tried to smooth their capacity utilization. In the same fashion, McAdams argued the magnification would help reduce, or at least not exacerbate, the seasonality in New Heritages sales and earnings.BRIEFCASES HARVARD BUSINESS PUBLISHINGPurchased for use on the MSc Business Valuation, at Imperial College London. Taught by James Sefton, from 21-Aug-2013 to 31-Dec-2013. Order ref F211857. Usage permitted only within these parameters otherwise contact emailprotectedEducational material supplied by The Case CentreCopyright encoded A76HM-JUJ9K-PJMN9IOrder ref erence F211857Operating projections for a given project were used to develop cash flow forecasts that would underpin calculations of net present value (NPV), internal rates of pass off (IRR), impartback period, and other investment metrics. Cash flow forecasts were intended to capture the incremental effect of a proposed project on the firms cash flow for each year within the forecast period. That is, each projects cash flow forecasts excluded non-cash items, such as depreciation charges, and nonincremental items such as sunk costs (i.e., costs that would be incurred regardless of whether a given project was undertaken or not). The cash flow forecasts were computed on an after-corporate-tax basis, but excluded all financing charges. Some elements of the cash flow forecasts were prepared with avail from treasury analysts, but most of the necessary adjustments were well understood by division staff.New Heritage Doll Company Capital Budgeting 4212To exploit the current popularity o f the original Match My Doll Clothing line, particularly given the fickle nature of childrens fashion trends, McAdams believed the opportunity had to be exploited without delay. Her investment proposal contained relatively large outlays for RD, market look for, and marketing to maximize the probability of quick acceptance and longer-term success for the follow-on line. direct investment expenditures are summarized in Table 2. Table 2 Match My Doll Clothing book of facts OutlaysThe RD and marketing expenditures would be deductible for tax purposes at New Heritages 40% corporate tax rate. The property, plant and equipment was judge to set about a useful life of 10 years the associated depreciation charges, shown in Exhibit 1, were based on the modified accelerated cost recovery system (MACRS) allowed by the IRS. Working capital requirements, shown in Table 2 for 2010 and in Exhibit 1 for subsequent years were based largely on recent historical experience with the original Match My Doll Clothing line. Finally, given the proven success of Match My Doll Clothing, Harris believed the project entailed moderate riskthat is, about the same degree of risk as the production divisions existing business as a whole.Design Your Own DollThis initiative targeted existing New Heritage customers, many of whom owned several(prenominal) of the companys heirloom dolls. The companys research showed that, when asked what features (e.g., appearance, ethnicity, life story, etc.) New Heritage should give to future dolls, loyal customers responses had a high correlation with their own personal data. That is, girls wanted dolls like themselves. Further research suggested that many loyal customers would purchase yet another doll if they could customize the dolls features to create a one-of-a-kind addition to a girls or familys existing collection of dolls. It also promised to increase the girls pride in and identification with the doll, both because of their shared features and becau se of the girls participation in creating the doll. This in turn further cemented customer loyalty.The customization process would begin with a new section of New Heritages website, where proprietary design software enabled the customer to select bodily attributes of the doll such as hair color, hair length style, skin color, eye shape, eye color, and other facial features. The software could combine selected features and produce a photo-realistic image showing the finished doll with user-selected accessories. The customer could zoom in or out on the image and rotate it to see different aspects. The softwaremade it easy to try out different combinations of features and accessories before making a purchase.Elizabeth Holtz, brand manager for heirloom dolls, was very excited about the project. She observed, A girls relationship with her favorite doll is very much partly mommy and partly big sister. Either way, having your doll look more like you is sincerely powerful. And theres ex citement in the experience exploring the website, naming the doll-to-be, selecting her first outfiteven the expectation of waiting for the new doll to arrive. I really think this is big. Holtz also believed that the dolls could command a exchange premium price. Customers will naturally expect to pay more for a HARVARD BUSINESS PUBLISHING BRIEFCASESPurchased for use on the MSc Business Valuation, at Imperial College London. Taught by James Sefton, from 21-Aug-2013 to 31-Dec-2013. Order ref F211857. Usage permitted only within these parameters otherwise contact emailprotectedInitial Expenditures ($ thousands)4212 New Heritage Doll Company Capital Budgetingcustom doll, she said. Market research with focus groups revealed significant enthusiasm for the product concept and tide overed the notion of premium prices.The web-based software tools and order entry system required New Heritage to make significant modifications to its existing technology infrastructure, expand its webhosting capacity, and modify the terms of its third-party attend agreements to ensure a higher level of service quality. The majority of the RD expenditures shown below were related to software development, hardware upgrades, and web design. The development time involved, including product testing, was expected to be approximately 12 months. Initialoutlays, some of which occurred in 2010 and some in 2011As with Match My Doll Clothing, the required RD and marketing costs would be tax deductible. Manufacturing equipment had to be ordered by the end of 2010 to be ready for production at the beginning of 2012. While New Heritage had the option to pay for custom equipment in quarterly installments, the firmcould get a substantial discount by nonrecreational for the equipment up front, in 2010. Figures in Table 3 and Exhibit 2 reflect the discounted cost of the equipment. To support the forecasted level of sales, substantial investment in working capital (primarily work in process inventory of partially manufactured dolls) would be required beginning in 2011. And still more equipment would have to be purchased and installed no later than 2014. In years 2015 and following, investments in working capital and equipment would revert to patterns familiar from the production divisions traditional lines of dolls.To cop development work, Holtz planned to use some of the companys existing IT staff. The majority of the work would take place during calendar 2011. The number of people and their fully wicked costs are shown Table 4. These costs were not included by Holtz in the initial outlays shown in Table 3 or in the forecasts presented in Exhibit 2. The development personnel Holtz needed were considered corporate resources and were almost certainly available to work on the project.Table 4 Design Your Own Doll Development Personnel, ($ 000s) Application Development Personnel CostsWeb Application DevelopersDatabase ManagerSystems Integration specialistTotal CostBRIEFCASES HARVAR D BUSINESS PUBLISHINGPurchased for use on the MSc Business Valuation, at Imperial College London. Taught by James Sefton, from 21-Aug-2013 to 31-Dec-2013. Order ref F211857. Usage permitted only within these parameters otherwise contact emailprotectedHowever, even a limited degree of customization increased manufacturing complexity and expense. Further, because of the low production runs and volume, fixed costs on a per unit basis were expected to be relatively high. Consequently, the breakeven volume for the project was also expected to be high.New Heritage Doll Company Capital Budgeting 4212Finally, Holtz needed to give Harris her assessment of the projects riskiness. On the one hand, Design Your Own Doll had a relatively long payback period, introduced some untested elements into the manufacturing process, and depended on near-flawless operation of new customer-facing software and user interfaces. If the project stumbled for some reason, New Heritage risked damaging relationshi ps with its best customers. On the other hand, the project had a relatively modest fixed cost ratio, and it played to the companys key strengthcreating a unique experience for its consumers.Educational material supplied by The Case CentreCopyright encoded A76HM-JUJ9K-PJMN9IOrder reference F211857Emily Harris still needed to complete her review and financial analysis of the two proposals. McAdams and Holtz were in frequent touch with Harris and both had offered to respond to any questions she might have about the proposals the business case, the financial projections, the operating details, or anything else. Harris expected that she would indeed have some follow-up questions as she worked through her financial analyses.She also knew that her final recommendation might scotch some executives within the division, who would scrutinize it closely. It had to be well-supported.

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Alternative Drink Industry Analysis Essay Example for Free

Alternative Drink Industry Analysis canvass1. Do a complete five-forces analysis of competition in the global alternative drink fabrication, thusly tell me which of the five competitive forces is strong, weak, and why. Especially in the force of rivalry (one of the 5 forces), you must chance upon the commercialize size, issue rate, profit margins, what are the main categories in the alternative drink industry, who are the study competitors and their relative sizes, the competition scope, the main competition weapons) 2.Briefly identify 6 to 7 key winner factors in the alternative drink industry 3. What are the other economic traits that are outside the industry but still can affect all competitors (for example, overall economy trend, long term innovation, globalization, maturity date stage of the industry, relevant legislation, etc. )? Briefly explain how these factors can affect the industry. Notes 1. What are the strategically relevant components of the global and U.S . deglutition industry macro-environment? How do the economic characteristics of the alternative beverage segment of the industry disaccord from that of other beverage categories? Explain. The strategically relevant components of the global and U. S. beverage industry macro-environment Global beverage companies much(prenominal) as Coca Cola and PepsiCo had relied on such beverages to sustain in volume upriseth in mature markets where consumers were reducing their consumption of carbonated soft drinks. Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and other beverage companies were intent on expanding the market for alternative beverages by introducing energy drinks, sports drinks, and vitamin drinks in more and more emerging international markets. Beverage producers had make various attempts at increasing the size of the market for alternative beverages by extending existing crossway lines and ontogenesis altogether spick-and-span products. Expanding the market for alternatives beverages and increasi ng sales and market share, beverage producers also were forced to bailiwick with criticism from some that energy drinks, energy shots, and relaxation drinks presented health risks for consumers and that some producers strategies promoted reckless behavior, the primary fearfulness of most producers of energy drinks, sports drinks, and vitamin-enhanced beverages was how to best improve their competitive standing in the market place. Rapid growth in the family unit, coupled with premium prices and high profit margins made alternative beverages an important part of beverage companies lineup of stains. The Alternative Beverage Segment Help Companies to Sustain Volume Growth in produce Markets Where Consumers Were Reducing Their Consumption of Carbonated Soft Drinks. Also the Alternative Beverage Industry Offered 2. What is competition ilk in the alternative beverage industry? Which of the five competitive forces is strongest? Which is weakest? What competitive forces seem to have t he superlative effect on industry attractiveness and the potential profitability of new entrants?Competition from replacings is substantial. There were some(prenominal) substitutes to alternative beverages such as tea, soft drinks, fruit juices, bottled water and tap water. Even though substitute products had a bigger market share in the US, consumers had tended to buy more alternative beverages. This change in customer preference had weakened the competitive power of substitute beverages. Convenience store, grocery store, and wholesale bludgeon buyers had substantial leverage in negotiating pricing and slotting fees with alternative beverage producers because of their elephantine purchases.New brands with low market shares were most vulnerable to buyer leverage since shelf space was limited while top brands such as Red Bull were almost always assured of shelf space. Coca-Cola and PepsiCo were least vulnerable since they offered a wide variety of beverages that convenience stor es, grocery stores, and wholesale clubs wished to offer to consumers. As a result of this original appeal, the two companies alternative beverage brands almost always found shelf space in sell stores. The bargaining power and leverage of suppliers was the weakest competitive force.Many suppliers for alternative beverage ingredients and they fight with the others to sell their products. publicity is readily available from many suppliers and is like a commodity. However, some rare ingredients providers had a moderate touchstone of leverage in negotiations with energy drink producers. Additionally, the producers of alternative beverages are important customers of suppliers and buy in large quantities. The flagellum of new brands varies by market maturity of each alternative beverage category. It has low threat for mature categories and moderate to strong in young categories.During the early stages of developing a category, when famous brand leaders had not been established, the thr eat of entry in alternative beverage categories remained strong. As a result, entrepreneurs origination new beverages with novel formulas or well-developed image campaigns could quickly gain market share among consumers. However, as the category matured, consumer preferences developed and shaped retailers purchasing decisions. Once the category had established, its brand leaders, it became much more difficult for new entrants to gain shelf space in convenience stores, supermarkets, and wholesale clubs.Therefore, in 2010, the threat of entry should be lower for all types of alternative beverages except energy shots and relaxation drinks. The competence among sellers of alternative beverage could be considered as the strongest competitive force. Among the sellers of energy drinks and other alternative beverages, competition is so strong and will grow stronger each year. Competition among major brands centers primarily on brand image, an appealing taste, attractive packaging, new prod uct RD, sales promotions and endorsements, and gaining better access to shelf space and strengthening distribution capabilities.As for 2010, there was no evidence of strong price competition in any of the alternative beverage categories, which makes it difficult to make do that competitive rivalry is fierce or brutal. Factors that increase the strength of competitive rivalry included efforts on the part of industry rivals to expand the number and types of alternative beverages in their product lines, low switching be on the part of consumers, active and aggressive efforts on the part of sellers to establish consumer brand loyalty, and strong vehemence on advertising, sales promotions, and endorsements.MLA Competition in Energy Drinks, Sports Drink, and Vitamin-Enhanced. 28 Sep. 2011. http//www. Competition in Energy Drinks, Sports Drink, and Vitamin-Enhanced. StudyMode. com. family 28, 2011.

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Policing themselves Essay Example for Free

Policing themselves EssayIn The Handmaids Tale facts of action is highly restricted, defined by law not to all in allow the coning of text, accordingly diminishing the forward motion of society on an intellectual level. The phaseer university which once represented freedom and learning now represents regimental order. A distinct absence of education is found as the aim is to repress finished the enforcement of ignorance as Althusser would claim this is a clear ISA, education is employ to direct and manipulate the handmaids. The tidings is the only form of legal reading material and the only persons allowed to access The Bible are the commanders we foot be read to from it, by him, but we cannot read this allows them to manipulate the text to suit their needs. Give me children, or else I die. The deliberate selection and manipulation of material is used to try to promote procreation.The use of religious text from The Bible can be seen as the regimes expression of legi timising their actions. Offred realises that the next generation of Handmaids will be more pliable because they will do no memories of other possibilities. The stark contrast between Offred the librarian and Offred the Handmaid is used to emphasise how repression has been enforced through the use of literary freedom. Language too is subtly used with links to the old testament the Angels and Eyes are respectively derived from the Guardian Angels and Eyes of the Lord this subtle instauration of biblical references helps to create the overall feeling of containment a sharp contrast with the lack of intellectual and educational language which is deliberately removed. In both novels education is a restrictive force however, in aphonic Times education yields on a different form of repression.Hard Times uses education as an enforcing presence children are brought into education from an early age, facts, facts and more facts are driven into the mindset of all, therefore unwaveringly placing them inside the machine of capitalism. Bitzer is the example of this as he becomes trapped within the governance. This shows the strength of education as an ISA by being embodied in education he knows nothing of life and how to succeed without facts, he knows of no focusing out of the system impose upon him by those in power. He himself says, We are so constituted. I was brought up in this catechism when I was very young, sir, as you are aware.Here Bitzer points out that the system of education prevents any way out, distilling the human instincts of capital gain. In comparison this sense of having no way out from repression is shown by the image clusters in the language of Atwoods novel (hands/feet/faces/eyes/ derivation/wombs) this language workings in opposition to the polluted biblical manipulation of the regime and shows the only way out for Offred is through her imagination. Imagination has been removed from Bitzer in Hard Times through education he has been deper sonalised in a way which is also very evident within Atwoods novel through RSAs.Depersonalisation is enforced by the state in The Handmaids Tale with the uniform that the Handmaids are forced to wear the uniform represses sexuality and sensuality. The manipulate is ankle length, the breasts a flat yoke. The similitude of the uniform eradicates individualism to the finis that Offred begins to consider herself as we Shes manage my own reflectionfrom which I am moving outdoor(a). This implication that she is losing touch with her identity by moving away highlights the advantage of this repressive force. The uniforms worn can be associated with uniforms of armies and law-enforcers such as the police. In this way it can be interpreted that by wearing set uniforms the handmaids are policing themselves.As devil uses his novel to modify the theory of Benthamism Atwood too uses techniques like the manipulation of uniforms to make a social statement. Living through the sixties/70s At wood witnessed the liberation of women in the U.S. and the wider civil rights movements around the globe such as racial equality. The uniforms are provided one example of how Atwood is showing the dangers of pursuing a regime of unfair liberation. We can see the success of the uniforms as a repressive force through the change in Offreds temperament when I take my clothes off. Only when the uniform is removed at night does Offred seem to escape from the regime imposed upon her the night is mine shows how she feels about night, her only chance to feel free without a loss of identity.A similar lack of identity is shown in Hard Times through the use of colour. The colours of the township are black and red due to industrial smog. Dickens compares this assimilation of the natural colour of brick with the piebald face of a savage, implying that like a savage industrialisation is cruel, barbaric and uncultured. This image of casing nature runs throughout the novel through the use of col our symbolisation. Dickens associated richness of colour with the preservation of life and laissez faire neither black nor white are considered as colours therefore Coketown dismisses the idea of individuality by containing people within strict structures like the structural presence of Atwoods uniforms.Utilitarianism has robbed the town of the ability to come up to public inscriptions which are used to voice the needs of the people are black and white therefore they are devoid of any identity they lack the capacity to provoke change. Colour is used to an extent in The Handmaids Tale to highlight repression women appear to wear set colours, the Handmaids red, the wives blue. I never looked good in redthe colour of blood, defines us.Offred highlights that they are defined and restricted by colour, they are there for a purpose reproduction. The sardonic tone represents an attempt to use humour to redress repression. The colour red links also to blood several links are made to blo od, most notably is the blood from the unknown people hung from the mole red is a constant reminder of where their fate could lie. Colour is used to dismiss individuality, yet it is frequently bolder in Atwoods novel through the images of blood. People are part of the production line, with no lawful direction of expressing needs.Stephen Blackpool is used by Dickens as an example of a worker trapped within his categorize through the laws and structures of society wishing for divorce he says I mun be ridden o her. As Bounderby highlights, coin is the decisive factor in this capitalist society everything is bound by wealth. There is such a lawbut its not for you at allyoud have to get an act of Parliament. For the working class there is no way of expressing their views, they do not have the power to use the system to their benefit, therefore they remain stuck within their subjugate class.In my opinion Dickens highlights this so clearly as he is trying to make a political statemen t socialism was developing through the mid 19th Century and was popular amongst Dickens target audience, the middle class intellectuals. The novel acts as a political devise for issues of the time. Acts of individualism within this class is likewise repressed. Blackpools decision to abstain from the union leaves him a man on whom unequal laws have fallen heavy he is compared with Judas Iscariot by his own class showing how individualism is repressed from all levels. The extremity of Blackpools act of abstention is shown by his banishment and need to change his name to acquire work. This barbaric act of banishment hangs over the Handmaids too.

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Explanatory essay of gambling addiction Essay Example for Free

Explanatory essay of dramatic play addiction EssayIts a rush, putting silver to the felt and threatening the cards to obey. Gambling is readily becoming one of the favorite activities for m both Americans. Where else could you have this kind of excitement with the potential to make silver sort of of lose it? Only amidst the flashing and heat of the casino lights can a person in reality let their money turn their understanding into an emotional feeding frenzy. This rush, like any other high, has mental and chemical impacts to a person. You could link gambling to any other drug that equates to the violent excitement.This is exactly what the brain does, represents an action with a feeling, and for many nation these feelings become an addiction. Compulsive gambling is a serious grief that upholds many people. While it may seem perverse to consider this a serious disease, realize that the consequences of dictatorial gambling can dwarf that of any other addiction. For these people, once they set forth they just cannot stop, and like any addiction they build up a tolerance and experience symptoms of withdrawal when trying to abstain from gambling.For around people we can abide by certain guidelines, quell the whispers of our brain telling us to go for it and reckon it all on this hand. What causes compulsive gamblers to lose control? There is no one terra firma to satisfy this question. However, with study patterns emerge, and we can recognize the mental and chemical yards for this handicap. So why the rush when instead of betting five dollars this hand you bet twenty? It has to do with drugs specifically those produced naturally by your brain, which affect mood, emotions, etc.A recent study found that Hemodynamic responses in the sublenticular extended amygdala (SLEA) and orbital convolution tracked the expected values of the prospects, and responses to the highest value set of outcomes increased monotonically with monetary value in the sum ac cumbens, SLEA, and hypothalamus. (Breiter et al. ) In this study, people were given $50 dollars and allowed to gamble with it while their responses were tracked. What the results basically said is that as the peoples expectancy of monetary gains went up, so did the chemical reactions in their bloods.This chemical imbalance when gambling is possibly the reason why many people atomic number 18 unable to quit gambling. It is true that the symptoms of many compulsive gamblers are resembling to a drug-induced high. (Addictive Gambling). Like addicts of any drug, compulsive gamblers show signs of withdrawal and tolerance. afterward youve been betting the same step for some time on a simple wager without making much money, you will start to look for ways to increase the betting pleasure. A simple strategy to do this is simply to bet muchWhen more is on the line there is more risk involved and more excitement. other way these people can increase the risk involved is by lowering the stakes. Theres nothing more exciting than hitting a long shot. Compulsive gamblers would rather get bigger odds by trying to win a 10% shot than win a small amount with a 90% chance of winning. So as we have seen, the chemical attributes accompanying gambling can piss an addiction, but the more interesting and relevant I think are the psychological impacts of gambling.By psychological impacts I mean how gambling affects the mind and actions of the compulsive gambler. This handicap is really defined as a disorder of impulse control. (Something 1). When most people go to gamble they bring with them rationality, and with rationality comes this innate office to know when youve hit a limit. The disorder is the compulsive gamblers inability to set a limit and spoil to it. So you have to ask yourself where is the line drawn? When does fun gambling become a nonadaptive behavior? The Washington State Council on Problem Gambling sees it as thisA. Persistent and recurrent maladaptive ga mbling behavior as indicated by five (or more) of the following (1) Is preoccupied with gambling (e. g. , preoccupied with live past gambling experiences, handicapping or planning the next venture, or thinking of ways to get money with which to gamble) (2) Needs to gamble with increasing amounts of money in order to achieve the desired excitement (3) Has iterate unsuccessful efforts to control, cut back, or stop gambling (4) Is restless or irritable when attempting to cut land or stop gambling.(5) Gambles as a way of escaping from problems or of relieving a dysphoric mood (e. g. , feelings of helplessness, guilt, anxiety, depression) (6) After losing money gambling, often returns another day to get even (chasing ones losses) (7) Lies to family members, therapist, or others to conceal the extent of enfolding with gambling (8) Has committed illegal acts such as forgery, fraud, theft, or embezzlement to finance gambling (9) Has jeopardized or lost a significant relationship, job, o r educational or career opportunity because of gambling(10) Relies on others to volunteer money to relieve a desperate financial situation caused by gambling. This list seems to be a slippery slope of symptoms. You might realize that this gambling can cause devastating effects to the intent of a person. Committing crimes and trying to chase loses will cast a person into trenches of insurmountable debt and grief. There are so many people who do go to casinos and dont fall into debt. It makes you wonder what is different about these people that made them weak?Perhaps the answer is that Addiction is a way to escape from reality, from something that is either besides full of sadness (such as living in a violent family) or too unacquainted(p) of joy (an emotionally hollow life). Emotional trauma in early life may be at the source of many addictions. (Addictive Gambling). The reality of the world is overbearing sometimes, and thinking about spending millions of dollars in winnings i n a fantasy life can help people escape. Whatever the reason it must be understood. Gambling will only continue to grow, and as fun as it is it must also come shackled with precaution.