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Copyright Laws Should Be Legal - 1745 Words

Over two centuries ago Congress enacted the first copyright law with the intent that it would allow authors and creators of works to be the sole profiters and exclusive rights holders over their work for a specified time. After the specified period of time ended, the works would pass into ownership of the general public. Since the Copyright Act of 1790, copyright laws have continued to evolve and still struggle to keep up with an ever changing, fast paced society. With the use of the World Wide Web and the ease of downloading, copying, and file sharing increasing, copyright holders in the United States and those with vested interested in copyright laws are calling for changes to be made to copyright laws. In more recent years, additional concerns with online copyright laws have arisen, leading some to call for stricter laws, while others are calling for more lenient laws, and questions on the legality of the laws continue to surface. Overtime copyrights have come to hold a significant economic bearing on companies and the Chamber of Commerce estimated copyright infringement and counterfeiting costs copyright holders $135 billion each year, making the issue of copyright law on the forefront of a lot of corporation’s agendas (Callander, S. Hoyt D. 2013). One of the more controversial copyright laws that deals with both foreign and domestic online activity is the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) that was proposed to the House of Representatives in 2011 (Carrier, M. 2013).Show MoreRelatedCopyright And Intellectual Property Are Still Valid1066 Words   |  5 Pagesdisagree that laws relating to copyright and intellectual property are still valid in social media? Copy right is the limited and flexible legal right, given to the creator for a fixed number of years, to print, publish, perform, film. The copyright law of Australia defines the legally enforceable rights of creators of innovative and artistic works under Australian law. The extent of copyright in Australia is defined in the Australian Copyright Act1968, which applies the national law throughout AustraliaRead MoreInternet Copyright Laws1388 Words   |  6 Pages2003 MGT 251 / Extra Credit Internet Copyright Laws A student comes home to his dorm at the University of Scranton after a rough day of classes. With the quick internet connection provided on the schools network, the student makes a few clicks and logs into Morpheus, a program that enables music fans to download free music. Within a few minutes he is on his way to owning an unlimited amount of songs at no cost. Everything this student is doing is legal, right? Wrong. The downloaded musicRead MoreCopyright Of Copyright Rights Under The Copyright Act 19681416 Words   |  6 PagesBUBSMATE COPYRIGHT POLICY INTRODUCTION Copyright is a legal right formed by law, which allows the creator of an original work with exclusive rights under specific jurisdiction. All materials on this website such as logos, icons, images, texts, graphics and software, belongs to BUBSMATE, and is protected in Australia under the Copyright Act 1968. You are allowed to view, save or print parts of the website for your information. You are not allowed to modify/reproduce/republish any material containedRead MorePiracy, The Intellectual Property Rights Of The Recording Industry Association Of America1285 Words   |  6 Pageswithout paying for it. Piracy, therefore, violates the intellectual property rights of the recording companies, together called Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The intellectual property right being violated at hand is the copyright laws that the RIAA have. The biggest problem that the RIAA has with this violation is that they believe their sales are declining because of piracy. In fact, the sales are declining, but only in the CD area. With the digital downloads becoming availableRead MoreI Advocate For The Alteration Of Copyright Law1700 Words   |  7 Pages Copyright law is broken. I advocate for the alteration of copyright law as it relates to sampled music. My argument is this: Anybody should be allowed to use any samples they want, but must give credit and a portion of the profits made from the work to the sampled musicians. In The Future of Ideas, Lawrence Lessig puts forth a similar proposal to the one I advocate for, in regards to downloading music files instead of sampling. Lessig states, â€Å"Congress should empower file sharing by recognizingRead MoreWhat Are The Legal Implications Of The Sermon Recordings?775 Words   |  4 Pagesof the sermons? Issue #3: What are the legal implications of not stopping the use of the sermons? Will anything happen to the copyright if we fail to stop its infringement? CONCLUSION: Issue #1: The problem with the use of the sermon recordings is that this is a form of direct copyright infringement. Three rights are being violated: reproduction, adaption, and distribution. Issue #2: There are five traditional remedies for the violation of a copyright but all occur in the course of litigationRead More Internet Copyright Laws Essay1383 Words   |  6 PagesInternet Copyright Laws A student comes home to his dorm at the University of Scranton after a rough day of classes. With the quick internet connection provided on the school’s network, the student makes a few clicks and logs into Morpheus, a program that enables music fans to download free music. Within a few minutes he is on his way to owning an unlimited amount of songs at no cost. Everything this student is doing is legal, right? Wrong. The downloaded music from the internet is copyrightedRead MoreProtection of Intellectual Property Essay1030 Words   |  5 Pagesfundamental questions that arise, such as exactly what aspects of a piece of software should be protected under copyright or patent. [5] Despite the fact that applying existing laws to software is not very straight-forward, some sort of legal protection for intellectual property is necessary, as it provides a significant amount of positive outcomes, which will be described further in this paper. We will argue that the legal protection for intellectual property is an ethical obligation from a rule utilitarianRead More Copyrights: Intellectual Property and Technology Essay1535 Words   |  7 PagesCopyrights: Intellectual Property and Technology The Government and many other agencies around the world are continuously at work to improve protections for intellectual property rights and the enforcement of intellectual property laws. In today’s age of digital madness, passing legislation and actually enforcing of those laws becomes a very daunting task. However, the protection of intellectual property has both individual and social benefits. It protects the right of the creator of something ofRead MoreCopyright Laws Of The United States1600 Words   |  7 PagesA copyright is a form of protection provided by the laws of the United States to authors of original works of authorship. â€Å"Copyright law in the United States is based on the Copyright Act of 1976, a federal statute that went into effect on January 1, 1978,† according to FindLaw. FindLaw also states that, â€Å"Individual states cannot enact their own laws to protect the same rights provided by the Copyright Act. Original multimedia works are protected by Copyright.† Literary, dramatic, musical, artistic

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Communication Skills in Arab Bank-Free-Samples Myassignementhelp

Question: Disucss about the Effectiveness of Communication Skills in Arab Bank. Answer: Introduction The report helps in understanding the importance of the common mission as well as vision of the employees of the organization in order to achieve the organizational objectives. The proper role of the communication is essential in the organization that it helps in establishing common sense of purpose as well. The organization that has been taken in this report is Arab Bank and the mission and the vision has to be properly discussed as well. The main aim of the report is to understand the proper importance as well as effectiveness of communication skills in Arab Bank. The main motivational factors in the work of the Arab Bank have to be established as this will help in handling the different situations at the workplace. The importance of the leader of the respective bank has to be analyzed as this will help in understanding the process through which proper motivation is provided to the employees. The role of the leaders of the bank has to be analyzed as this will help in developing as well as supporting the team. The structure of the report will include the different role of the leaders as well as the importance of the leader in managing and motivating the team members in the organization. The main motivational factors are essential in nature and it will help in providing proper details in gaining proper commitment to the objectives. Importance of team having common sense of purpose A proper sense of purpose is essential as it helps in uniting the employees in the organization as well as the external stakeholders. A shared sense of purpose is important as: It has to be seen that employees in organization are working towards achieving goals It has to be seen that the employees are motivated as well as engaged in nature Proper encouraging of the employees in the organization is necessary to feel committed (Young et al. 2015) It enables the employees in working collaboratively to achieve the goals of the company by choosing the technique at the expense of the organization It helps in helping the employees in the organization to share properly in success of the organization by motivating as to succeed both in a team as well as individually. Role of communication in establishing common sense of purpose Communication plays an essential role in maintaining as well as establishing general intellect of idea in the organization. The occurrence, character as well as technique contribute to the establishment of sense of purpose. What, why, when as well as to whom are essential factors that effects the communication success in creating proper as well as shared sense. Communication plays an key role in the creation for fulfillment of job for the employees who are in lower level (Wallace et al. 2016). These are the employees who require senior managers as this will help them in demonstrating that they too work and live to shared values of the entire company. For instance- In banking sector, there are different employees who are working in different departments and the employees can feel monotonous performing the same kind of task all the time. The communication is essential to understand the different issues that are faced by the employees and solve their queries instantly as well. There is also necessity for the different employees in the organization as this will help in acting upon in order to create a two way communication flow in the organization. One to one communication is essential in nature in Arab Bank between the managers and the team as this is the key to create a sense of shared purpose (Njoroge and Yazdanifard 2014). The top down communication is essential in nature in conveying proper direction to different employees along with clear ideas of the priorities as well as the goals of the organization. Proper listening as well as accepting the top bottom kind of communication helps in increasing the morale of employees, making the employees feels that they are valued in the organization (Korschun, Bhattacharya and Swain 2014). Proper communication between the peers is essential as well in building proper base of knowledge amongst the staffs and this helps in allowing the staffs to work together in an effective manner (Milliken et al. 2015). Assess effectiveness of communication skills I assessed my own skills of communication that is based on informal interviews with colleagues as well as in project management. I chose my previous colleagues as they will be honest with their answers as I am not working with them on daily basis. Since I am not working with them currently and it was easier for colleagues to understand the communication skills. The feedbacks are as such: my skills of writing were strong and I feel this is due to the work I performed as PR and used advanced English vocabulary. My emails were clear, friendly but it is to the point information that I am providing to the others. The deadlines are clearly mentioned as well. The convincing skills are strong as I have the power to motivate the individuals strongly. The listening skills of mine have to be improved as I have the habit of asking queries when the other person has not finished speaking. The presentation skills are fine as the visuals are clear and distinct in nature as I use diagrams in order to make the meaning more clear. One respondent also commented that I should stop pleasing all and stop worrying about what others think and feel about me. The respondent commented that I cannot make people like me; however respect can be gained with the performance of my work. For instance- The communication skills play an important role in the bank, wherein proper top down as well as communication between the peers is essential in nature. In this respective bank, proper ascertainments have been made by the high er officials in analyzing the difficulties faced by the employees and solve the queries as well. Main motivational factors in Bank and application to different situations Financial motivation is essential by providing salary for bills, food, housing and other expenses. There are employees who will be happy if they get promotion and opportunity to climb higher, however there are employees who will be happy in low salary and they expect other benefits such as flexible working hours, healthcare as well as insurance (Blok et al. 2015). Flexibility is essential in workplace that includes family leave, annual leave, and normal hours of working as well as work from home. The flexibility is essential as this can help in reducing pressure from the employees and providing employees a proper autonomy that shows confidence in them (Temminck, Mearns and Fruhen 2015). Reward and recognition is essential wherein by ensuring that by achieving the milestone the reward is essential in providing motivation to teams and individuals. A recognition can be both financial as well as non financial in nature by highlighting the achievement of the employees in the organization (Olafsen et al. 2015) For example- In the respective bank, proper motivational factors are essential as this will help in motivating the employees and this will help them in achieving goals. The bank organizes different fun events as well as provides different rewards as this will help in motivating the employees and this has led the organization in achieving goals. Importance of teams and gaining commitment to objectives It is essential for the leaders in motivating the individuals in the team as this helps them in achieving the different objectives and satisfying the employees as well. the leaders of the respective Bank has to understand the kind of motivation that is required in the workplace by the employees as there are some individuals who are motivated with money, however on the other hand there are employees who feel motivated with the non financial incentives such as praise, recognition through rewards as well (Gupta and Shaw 2014). The leader can help in gaining proper commitment of different employees by being frank as well as honest and dealing with different employees in a simple manner (Lazaroiu 2015). This helps in ensuring that the individuals who feel rewarded for their proportion of effort. The manager in the organization can gain commitment of the employees by leading proper example and try to retain the employees from bad habits and motivate them to be kind as well as respectful in nature. It is essential for the leaders to be realistic in nature as this will help them in maintaining proper indicators of performance and in this way the achievements can be set by the employer of the organization. For instance- In the bank, the organizational commitment is gained by the employees by being respectful with their colleagues and this helped them in dealing with different situations in a clear cut manner as well. Role of leaders in developing and supporting team members and examples The most essential role of the leader in the organization is to support as well as develop team as this helps in providing a sense of proper purpose. The leader is responsible for defining as well as setting common goal as well as engaging employees in team to work effectively in nature. In order to make the team work effectively in nature, it is essential that every member must play their part properly in establishing shared set of the values in achieving high quality of outputs (Kim et al. 2017). This is the duty of the leaders in recognizing the diversity of different team members as all the members are essential in nature as the lower level employees are essential for proper growth of the team. The leader of the team also helps in developing proper coaching as well as training of employees for proper development of team and this will help the employees in performing better and be more engaged in the tasks. It is essential that the team members are properly supported and encouraged to develop new skills that are necessary to improve the loyalty of team (Anitha 2014). In the leadership role played by me, I employed subordinate staffs as they had handled the different tasks in the organization. I kept on rotating the employees in different spheres of work as this helped me in understanding the issues that are faced by the employees. I arranged different rewards and recognitions as this helped me in motivating the employees in the organization. In order to inspire the employees in performing better, I delegated the different tasks among the employees as this helped me in empowering them to take other responsibilities as well. For instance- The leadership approaches are followed by the leaders of the bank that helped them in managing the different issues that are faced by them. The diversity is maintained properly by the managers of the organization as it helped them in motivating the employees by delegating the different tasks. Conclusion Therefore, it can be inferred that a leader has an essential role in the motivation of the employees along with generation of proper communication skills among the employees. The employees of the organization are motivated with both financial as well as non financial rewards. The leader has to identify the requirements of the employees in the organization as this helped them in understanding the necessities of the employees and motivate them with providing them proper recognition for the work that is performed by them. Proper communication is essential in the organization as this helps in improving the tasks that are performed by the employees in the entire organization. References Anitha, J., 2014. Determinants of employee engagement and their impact on employee performance.International journal of productivity and performance management. Blok, V., Wesselink, R., Studynka, O. and Kemp, R., 2015. Encouraging sustainability in the workplace: a survey on the pro-environmental behaviour of university employees.Journal of cleaner production,106, pp.55-67. Gupta, N. and Shaw, J.D., 2014. Employee compensation: The neglected area of HRM research.Human Resource Management Review,24(1), pp.1-4. Kim, A., Kim, Y., Han, K., Jackson, S.E. and Ployhart, R.E., 2017. Multilevel influences on voluntary workplace green behavior: Individual differences, leader behavior, and coworker advocacy.Journal of Management,43(5), pp.1335-1358. Korschun, D., Bhattacharya, C.B. and Swain, S.D., 2014. Corporate social responsibility, customer orientation, and the job performance of frontline employees.Journal of Marketing,78(3), pp.20-37. Lazaroiu, G., 2015. Employee Motivation and Job Performance.Linguistic and Philosophical Investigations,14, p.97. Milliken, F.J., Schipani, C.A., Bishara, N.D. and Prado, A.M., 2015. Linking workplace practices to community engagement: The case for encouraging employee voice.The Academy of Management Perspectives,29(4), pp.405-421. Njoroge, C.N. and Yazdanifard, R., 2014. The impact of social and emotional intelligence on employee motivation in a multigenerational workplace.Global Journal of Management And Business Research Olafsen, A.H., Halvari, H., Forest, J. and Deci, E.L., 2015. Show them the money? The role of pay, managerial need support, and justice in a self?determination theory model of intrinsic work motivation.Scandinavian journal of psychology,56(4), pp.447-457. Temminck, E., Mearns, K. and Fruhen, L., 2015. Motivating employees towards sustainable behaviour.Business Strategy and the Environment,24(6), pp.402-412. Wallace, J.C., Butts, M.M., Johnson, P.D., Stevens, F.G. and Smith, M.B., 2016. A multilevel model of employee innovation: Understanding the effects of regulatory focus, thriving, and employee involvement climate.Journal of Management,42(4), pp.982-1004. Young, W., Davis, M., McNeill, I.M., Malhotra, B., Russell, S., Unsworth, K. and Clegg, C.W., 2015. Changing behaviour: successful environmental programmes in the workplace.Business Strategy and the Environment,24(8), pp.689-703.

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The art of summarizing

The art of summarizingAdvertising We will write a custom essay sample on The art of summarizing specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Summarization involves careful presentation of other people’s views, ideas, opinions or findings in your own words orally or in written form. In order not to lose the meaning or distort the original meaning of information during summarization, its critical to keep in mind what others say and then say it in your own words. In the prowess of summarizes and summarization the phrase, â€Å"They say, I say† becomes a central focus simply because others will say first then present what â€Å"they† said in summary or paraphrase form. In a public conference, it is crucial to represent others opinion first before giving your own opinion on a particular topic to attract the attention of your listeners, as well as avoiding keeping the audience in suspense. Although many presenters or writers ma y fail to focus on the original meaning of the content summarized, it is of paramount importance to give justice and acknowledge the original sources. In making excellent summaries, one ought to posses several skills and abilities, which help to bring out the indented meaning from a content of words, received orally or by writing. According to Elbow, any one making a cogent summary ought’s to position himself or herself in the place of the original author or the main speaker and play a believing game even though he or she does not agree with the views of the original author or speaker (22). As a result, this ability ensures that the audience or readers of the summary do not easily determine whether the person doing the summary and the original author agree or not. It is a powerful tool to reduce biasness in summarization as one holds his or her convictions, believes and opinions and sticks to what the author says. Striking this balance in summarization upholds credibility of the summary produced gives honor to the original author of the piece of art being summarized, as one would quote points and statements he or she might not be interested. For instance Zinczenko views that the fast foods industries are a health hazard for they make people fat.Advertising Looking for essay on education? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In his own opinion, he incriminates these industries, but in his summary, he does not present his own opinion. Instead, Zinczenko does not suggest that the fast foods industries had any evil intention (153-155). In this case, Zinczenko plays believing game well and thus the credibility of his summary. On the other hand, it is vital to know where you are going in summarization. In a presentation, the illustration of the original work and repeated quotation of what â€Å"they said† keeps the audience out of confusion throughout the presentation. Although if one sticks on what o thers say, he or she may end up on list summary in which quotations like, â€Å"the author says†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"In addition, he says†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"Also he shows†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Nevertheless, the skill of having a focus and knowing where you are going saves the trouble of list summary. Good summary, therefore, would portray clearly the views of the original author in the contest summarized. To attain this, the Elbows perception of playing the believing game well helps to achieve the indented goal and giving the source justice. Misrepresentation of the source or ignorance to play Elbows game of believing well leads to biased summary, which lacks credibility and denies justice to the source. Works Cited Elbow, Peter. Dialogue on writting. New York: Simon and Schuster, 2001. Zinczenko, David. â€Å"Eat this Not that! For kids!† Be the leanest, fittest family on the  Block. 3.2(2003): 153-155. Print. This essay on The art of summarizing was written and submitted by user Caitlyn Byrd to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.