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An Analytical Environment On My Accounting And Supply...

OBJECTIVE: To continue my career in an analytical environment utilizing my Accounting and Supply Chain Management degrees. Over 18 years of experience in Financial Auditing, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Rutgers, University Procurement Service, Piscataway, NJ Supply Chain Project Data Analyst and Accounts Payables May 2016 – current Supply Chain Project Data Analysis of the day to day accounting activities. Reporting trends, costs and deliverables to the Director of Procurement and Accounting Manager AP. Managed 6 associates providing support in an Oracle ERP conversion project. Coordinated and reconciled the daily transactions between the IT, AP, AR and Purchasing Departments. Rutgers has†¦show more content†¦Communicates the activity to the finance team and IT departments to troubleshoot technical issues that arise from day to day activities. Essex County College, Newark, NJ Accounting, Intermediate Accounting and Spanish Tutor, for 100 students Sep 2013 – May 2016 †¢ Improved standardized test scores by 17% utilizing tailored educational plans †¢ Tutored and mentored students in a team environment to obtain an understanding of curriculum concepts †¢ Mentors students with learning disabilities. Sixth Avenue Electronic City LLC, Springfield, NJ Is a multimillion dollar Electronic Retailer, On Line Retailer and Service Center selling from 19 locations in the New Jersey, Delaware, New York and Pennsylvania Market. Responsible for the day to day activities and the reconciliation of financial data collection activities Promoted to Financial Auditor Assistant reporting directly toShow MoreRelatedCompeting On Analytics : The New Science Of Winning Essay2059 Words   |  9 PagesCompeting on Analytics In today’s environment, it is extremely difficult to use former strategies that have worked in the past for the reason that they are no longer feasible or likely to succeed. It can be assumed that in today’s competitive environment, few companies have breakthrough products or services. For this reason, most of the competitive strategies companies are using today involve improving key business processes for which data analytics comes into play. The first five chapters of CompetingRead MoreA Research on Inventory Management1927 Words   |  8 PagesInventory management is a topic that has been captured the attention of academic and business communities for long time. Of the most important points that investigated by academicians and practitioners for decades is the selecting of the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ). As the name suggests, EOQ is the order quantity that minimizes total inventory cost. Despite the many variants of the EOQ that have appeared in the literature to fine tune it to reality, it still has limitations. A major one is thatRead MoreHahahah2845 Words   |  12 Pagescompany now has a single way to record production data. * ERP allows management to manage operations, not just monitor them. For example, without ERP, getting an answer to â€Å"How are we doing?† requires getting data from each business unit and then analyzing that data for a comprehensive, integrated picture. The ERP system already has all the data allowing the manager to focus on improving processes. This focus enhances management of the company as a whole, and makes the organization more adaptableRead MoreStrategic Analysis Tools3971 Words   |  16 PagesOur information specialists and accounting specialists work closely together to identify or create authoritative resources to help members resolve their work related information needs. Additionally, our accounting specialists can help CIMA members and students with the interpretation of guidance on financial reporting, financial management and performance management, as defined in the CIMA Official Terminology 2005 edition. CIMA members and students should sign into My CIM A to access these servicesRead MoreInformation Technology2051 Words   |  9 PagesQuestion 1: From an analytical prospective, explain how information systems relate to the way Zara runs its business. What types of systems are the most essential for this company in its current environment? In this new era of globalization, the using of technology has been very common and can be conclude as part of human’s life. In order to survive in today’s challenging business world, every organization has to be confronted with highly competitive pressure to bring out more effectiveness andRead MoreDevry Busn 369 Entire Course and All Discussions- 2015 Spring2188 Words   |  9 Pagesexample of a direct quote of an exchange rate. week 3 Global Business Considerations Name the four primary elements of culture and describe why they are important when marketing products and services internationally. The Legal and Political Environment of Global Business Criminal laws vary extensively throughout the world. What may be a crime in one country may represent permissible conduct in another location. Why are there vast global differences? week 4 Ethics in Global Business WhyRead MoreThe Position Of Accountant Recent Graduate Program1498 Words   |  6 Pagesof GS-07. I have a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with concentrations in Finance, Public Policy, and Supply Chain Management, from Rutgers Business School. I also have an Accounting degree, and a Military Sciences degree, and several years of experience. I would be honor to work for the Direct Investment Division (DID), and In fact I am actively looking for positions that match my education, and experience more accurately at this government branch. Further, I believe that based on the educationRead MoreReview Past Education : Why School And Major Chosen, Grades, Future Education Plans?1842 Words   |  8 PagesStudies in Human Resource Management and Development. GPA 3.97. I decided to major in Human Resources because as a Retail Store Manager, and as a Trainer at Allstate Insurance Company, I wanted to learn more about employee relations, training, and gain insight into how to add va lue to my employer s organization through change leadership knowledge. I selected the University of Denver because their HR program is excellent and focused on strategic planning, change management, financial planning, andRead MoreThe Supply Chain Management Of Apple Essay3352 Words   |  14 PagesThe Supply Chain Management of Apple Operations Management DSCI 304 Dr. Marvin Gonzalez Steven Contursi Table of Contents 1) Introduction Executive Summary Personal Interest Background of the Company 2) Supply Chain Management What is SCM? Apple’s Supply Chain Management Apple’s Green Supply Chain Management 3) Analysis What Makes Apple a Global Leader in SCM? Can Apple Improve Its SCM? 4) Conclusion Executive Summary This project has been prepared on behalf of Marvin Gonzalez’s OperationsRead MoreProject on Wipro13311 Words   |  54 PagesNo.:9311 Batch No. –BBA 3rd Semester (2nd Shift) Maharaja Agrasen Institute Of Management Studies Affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi. PSP Area, Plot No. 1, Sector-22, Rohini, Delhi-110086 SELF DECLARATION I, BHUWAN GUPTA, student of BBA, Maharaja Agrasen Institute Of Management Studies (MAIMS) Hereby declare that the project entitled â€Å"Services Offered By Wipro Ltd.† Is the result of my own efforts in collecting and gathering information based on the above mentioned

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